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Bothered By Dark Under Eye Circles Carefully Applied Dermal Fillers May Be The Answer

Bothered By Dark Under Eye Circles? Carefully Applied Dermal Fillers May Be The Answer

July 02, 2019

Billions of dollars are spent yearly on cosmetic products to hide the dark circles around the eyes with few truly consistent results. But help for the appearance of dark circles is now available via the use of meticulously applied dermal fillers. Able to be done over a lunch hour, this process reduces the appearance of dark circles in the area beneath the eyes.

This skin is the thinnest of the entire body and is impacted by everything from water levels/dehydration to genetic factors and even seasonal allergies. Also affecting this area are the shadows cast by the lower lid skin and fat prominence.  Depending on the severity of these factors, each can be addressed using fillers.

Experience Is Key

Having this procedure done by an experienced plastic surgeon is the key to success. This area is highly vascularized and careful attention to the underlying anatomy is essential for a safe procedure. Currently this is an off-label use of filler products, but in the right hands, the right technique can minimize risk and achieve a natural result. In our office, Restylane-L in combination with Restylane Lyft in the cheeks are fillers that are particularly useful for this area.

An ideal candidate for this procedure is one who has relatively deep “troughs” on the inner corner of the eye socket without excessive bagginess of the lower lids. Fillers are then injected into the trough to obliterate the depression and blunt the transition between the lower lids and cheek. This is carefully done using cannulas that reduce the chance of filler injection into the bloodstream. Additional fillers may also be necessary in the cheek to reverse the loss of volume that is seen with aging. In combination, these two procedures can dramatically improve one of the greatest challenges in the cosmetic industry … dark eye circles.

Minimal Downtime

Numbing cream is used to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The patient may experience a bit of swelling and/or redness afterward, but results are immediate. We recommend that patients take it easy for a few days, and be careful not to move the filler around until it settles in. We do like to re-evaluate at two weeks to see if touch-ups are needed.

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