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Thinking about plastic or reconstructive surgery to enhance or restore your appearance?

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Body contouring can provide the finishing touch after your weight loss success.

Body contouring surgery can remove residual loose skin and reduce saggy appearance, which commonly occurs after weight loss. When you experience significant changes in weight, the skin and tissue on your body may lose elasticity – meaning your skin may not contract and adjust to properly fit your new, smaller body.

When to Consider Body Contouring

Eating well, exercising, surgery and other weight loss methods can eliminate fat from your body, but none can remove skin. Accomplishing a healthier body weight is good news; now that much of the fat is gone, the bad news is you may be left with stretched skin that is now unsupported. As a result, you may have noticed some of the following common effects of this phenomena:

  • Sagging pockets of skin in the upper arms, buttocks, groin and thighs
  • Breasts may flatten and hang, with nipples pointed downward
  • Abdominal area extending around the sides and into the lower back area, resulting in an apron-like overhang

What Body Contouring Can Do

Body contouring procedures are designed to help remove loose extra skin and any residual fat you may have after losing a significant amount of weight. Doing this can help improve the tone and shape of the tissue supporting the skin and fat that you do need.

Multiple body contouring procedures available to help reduce sagging in various areas of your body, including:

Ultimately, the goal of body contouring surgery is to help give you smoother contours, which can improve tone and proportion throughout your body. Many find that body contouring procedures can achieve the finishing touches to look and feel fully rejuvenated with a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Body contouring is a highly personal choice. While it is desirable to many patients for its various benefits, it isn’t recommended for everyone. In addition to plastic surgery cost, benefits, risks and other factors, it’s important to consider how well you meet the criteria as a candidate for each different procedure, which can predict how likely you are to achieve the best possible results.


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