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Plastic Surgery Care Philosophy Plastic Surgery Care Philosophy

Committed To Exceptional, Natural Results

Expect doctors who listen to your goals and recommend realist options

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Thinking about plastic or reconstructive surgery to enhance or restore your appearance?

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Our Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics team is committed to a high standard of care and exceptional results. Our philosophy is simple: provide every patient with a natural, rejuvenated look and foster an improved outlook and sense of well-being. Above all else, we value our patients’ individual preferences and personal wishes, adhering to the highest standard of ethical practice, privacy, and safety. The health of the patient and the right procedure for the right patient are always our primary focus.

What to Expect

A one-on-one consultation with our experienced physicians is an important first step if you’re considering plastic or reconstructive surgery. The initial consultation gives you an opportunity to get to know our physicians and staff as well as to explore options and gather information about certain procedures. Our physicians will ask about your expectations and goals to make sure the desired surgical outcome is realistic.

We help you understand the benefits, risks, and limitations of each procedure, ensuring the best choice for you. Age, skin type, general health, genetic background, and the nature of your condition are factored in when forecasting results. In short, you can expect honest advice and treatment recommendations that are always in your best interest.

You can also expect:

  • A treatment plan customized to your needs
  • All of your questions and concerns answered to your satisfaction
  • A detailed review of the costs, recovery time and possible risks and complications involved in the option you choose
  • A skilled team that will do everything possible to ensure your experience is safe and positive and to achieve your aesthetic goals


Treat unwanted fat with CoolSculpting!
Safe and effective, this nonsurgical procedure helps contour the body.

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