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Thinking about plastic or reconstructive surgery to enhance or restore your appearance?

Neck Lift for Men

A neck lift procedure can help tone and smooth the skin around your chin, jawline, and neck by removing excess loose skin and fat from these areas and tightening muscles. The surgery can help men reduce the signs of aging in areas of the lower face and neck by restoring youthful contours and a rejuvenated appearance.

Neck Lift for Men

Male plastic surgery requires a specific approach, different from plastic surgery for females, to ensure that patients achieve the desired results while maintaining a natural and masculine appearance. For example, when our plastic surgeon performs neck lift surgery for men, they will typically work to preserve the prominence of the “Adam's apple” and jawline.

The neck lift is a popular solution among men who want to look and feel rejuvenated but still want to stay true to their natural appearance. Many men choose this cosmetic procedure to achieve a more defined jawline, youthful face, and contoured neck – characteristics that, for many men, are vital to their image.

Where Did Your Jawline Go?

Effects such as gravity, heredity, significant weight changes, and the natural aging process slowly diminish skin elasticity in your face, neck, and jaw while leaving behind fatty deposits in these areas. Loss of skin elasticity is further accelerated by the skin-damaging effects of stress, smoking, and other environmental factors like ultraviolet rays and air pollution.

Men typically notice these youthful contours diminishing during their late 30s and early 40s as fat begins to deposit under the chin, followed by the appearance of sagging neck skin in their late 40s to early 50s. As skin laxity and fat deposits continue to increase, it’s common to develop a “turkey neck” (excess wrinkly skin hanging from the neck), double chin, and jowl lines.

When to Consider a Neck Lift

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure, meaning it’s typically done for aesthetic enhancement, which is a highly personal decision. This increasingly popular procedure can be a great solution for many men who:

  • Are between 30 and 70 years old
  • Want to get rid of a “turkey neck,” double chin, or jowl lines
  • Have excessive wrinkling and loose skin around the chin, jawline, and neck area
  • Have areas of excess fat in the neck and under the chin
  • Would like to treat signs of aging and wrinkling in the neck but are otherwise satisfied with the appearance of the face

Usually, a neck lift is performed as part of a facelift to achieve the best results, but it can also be performed alone. A neck lift can help restore, but cannot change, your natural appearance.

Preparing for the Procedure

Your first step is a face-to-face consultation with your Kelsey-Seybold plastic surgeon. Be prepared to discuss the following during your initial consultation:

  • Your reasons, goals, and expectations for surgery
  • Your medical history – including illnesses, conditions, allergies, treatments, previous procedures, and other risk factors that could affect the outcome of your procedure
  • Use of any medications, vitamins, supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Any questions or concerns about the procedure – come prepared with a written list
  • Plastic surgery risks and potential complications

During your consultation, your plastic surgeon may also examine and measure your face, as well as take photos to compare results before and after plastic surgery.

What Happens During Male Neck Lift Surgery

Following sedation and anesthesia (local or general), your plastic surgeon will begin the neck lift surgery procedure best suited for you.

Your plastic surgeon may perform one of several neck lift methods:


  • Ideal for patients who have resilient skin
  • Incision is made behind your ears and under your chin
  • Fat is suctioned out of areas under your jawline and under your chin
  • Outcome: neck that appears more defined
  • Length of procedure: 1 to 2 hours


  • Best method for patients who have excess fat in the neck
  • Incision is made below your chin and under your ears
  • Neck muscles under the incisions are tightened
  • Excess fat and skin may be removed
  • Length of procedure: 2 to 3 hours

Submentoplasty — T-Z Plasty

  • Recommended for patients who have, or are close to, an ideal body weight who want to remove moderate amounts of skin and fat
  • Great option for patients who want to target the neck area
  • Incision is made in the curve of your neck
  • May be combined with liposuction
  • Length of procedure: approximately 45 minutes

Male Neck Lift Results and Recovery

It may take some time to fully recover and see your final results after a neck lift. However, many patients are able to return to work in about two weeks and resume other activities (like playing sports and working out) in approximately three to four weeks.

Following surgery, you may experience swelling and bruising. To help reduce swelling, your plastic surgeon might suggest wearing a compression bandage for about a week or up to 14 days, depending on which type of surgical procedure you had.

Be sure to follow any instructions provided by your Kelsey-Seybold doctor before and after plastic surgery to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery.


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