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What Kind of Cardio Exercise Is Best for Heart Health?

July 16, 2020

Any kind of workout that can be classified as aerobic will help improve your cardiac wellness

To keep your ticker in tip-top shape, it's important to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Just 30 minutes of activity a day can help lower your risk of having a heart attack. But what kind of exercise is best when it comes to your heart?

Any kind of workout that can be classified as aerobic will improve your cardiac wellness. That means exercise that elevates your heart rate and gets your blood pumping. Remember that even slight increases in physical activity can help!

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Biking is a great, fun way to get your heart beating a bit faster. Both stationary cycling and biking on the road provide effective cardio exercise.


Lace up those running shoes and hit the treadmill or road! Jogging is a way to improve your heart health, especially if done for at least 30 minutes per day, five days per week. Just make sure that you aren't overdoing it — you should be able to carry on a conversation while running or you might be pushing a bit too hard.


You don't have to run marathons to improve your heart health. In fact, every step you add to your day counts! Studies show that consistent, brisk walking can help reduce your risk of cardiac arrest just as much as more intense exercises. Try to walk more throughout the day for the best results.

Other great cardio options include swimming, hiking, and stair-climbing! Be sure to consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program. Want to schedule a wellness exam and learn more about how to care for your heart? Schedule an appointment at a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic today.

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