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6 Key Spine Center Benefits

Kelsey-Seybold Spine Center patients benefit from our:

  1. Collaboration: A variety of specialists work together for seamless, patient-centered care, combining spine care expertise and exploring different options to provide the care and treatment that’s right for each patient.
  2. Continuity: Spine Center doctors stay in touch with each other in person or through the patient's electronic medical record and can discuss an individual patient's ongoing treatment and care.
  3. Common Goal: The goal is to help patients live a more functional, pain-free life without surgery unless that's the only evidence-based solution.
  4. Education: Our doctors take on the role of educator, teaching the patient about evidence-based medicine and the wisdom of a conservative approach in treating the spine and neck. We take the time to educate, so patients can make an informed decision and understand the impact of a rush into surgical treatment. We never want patients to be misinformed about care and never demand surgical treatment that’s not in the long-term best interest of our patients.
  5. Preparation: In addition, Kelsey-Seybold physicians develop a preparation plan when surgery is indicated, taking time to address and goal-set around a targeted weight for surgery, smoking cessation, and other issues for optimal outcome.
  6. Timely Appointments for Patients: A Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialist can be seen at most locations within three working days. We strive to schedule patients as quickly as possible.

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