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Keep Your Eye Ca​re Needs in Focus

Kelsey-Seybold ophthalmologists know how important your vision is to you.

Kelsey-Seybold ophthalmologists are experts in eye care. From routine exams to advanced treatments, they use the latest diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques to treat, cure and help prevent eye diseases and disorders.

From infancy to adulthood, our physicians have experience in dealing with conditions ranging from pink eye and strabismus to cataracts and detached retinas. They recognize how precious your sight is and have the resources to diagnose, treat or manage your condition or concern.

Many sight-threatening diseases can be cured or treated when detected early. Our ophthalmologists work with you to help prevent or slow the progression of vision loss.

In many cases, care for a specific eye problem may be provided by a Kelsey-Seybold optometrist, serving as your primary care eye doctor, and an ophthalmologist working as a team.  After the condition is controlled or surgically treated, the ophthalmologist then sends you back to your primary care eye doctor, who continues to monitor and treat your condition or perform post-operative care based on the specialist's recommendations.

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