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E-Visits Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an E-Visit?

    An E-Visit is an asynchronous online virtual care service that allows patients to submit detailed information about their condition and receive a written e-diagnosis and treatment plan from a certified Kelsey-Seybold primary care or specialty provider in about an hour.

    Asynchronous means that the virtual “visit” does not take place with the provider and patient at the same time. Information is submitted via MyKelseyOnline questionnaire to a pool of providers and is reviewed and responded to by the next available provider at a later time (more like an email exchange).

    An E-Visit is not a live chat with a provider or a video visit. The questionnaires are designed to illicit enough information for our providers to make a medical decision about your symptoms. If your E-Visit provider has a follow-up question about the information you submitted, they will respond to your E-Visit message with the question in MyKelseyOnline. Once the E-Visit has been completed, you will have 24 hours to reply to the message with any final follow-up questions.

  • What is the benefit of an E-Visit versus scheduling an in-clinic or Video Visit?

    E-Visits can be a quicker and more affordable alternative to an in-clinic or Video Visit appointment for many common medical conditions. They can be submitted whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. E-Visits are available every day of the week, including weekends and holidays.

  • Can I get a prescription from an E-Visit?

    Prescriptions are possible but not guaranteed. Your E-Visit provider will use the information provided from your questionnaire to aid in a medical decision, which may include prescriptions sent to your pharmacy of choice. Controlled medications cannot and will not be given through E-Visits.

  • When will I receive a response to my E-Visit?

    Most E-Visits receive a response within an hour of submission. E-Visit hours apply: Mon-Fri 6a-9p, Sat, Sun, and Holidays 10a-4p. Specialty E-Visit hours: Mon-Fri 8a-4p. Pediatric E-Visits: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat and Sun 10am-4pm. E-Visits submitted outside of these hours will receive a response the next business day. E-Visits can be submitted 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • What conditions are available to be treated with an E-Visit?

    Note: Available conditions may vary based on health plan, age, and gender.

    Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding*
    Back Pain
    Birth Control*
    Erectile Disfunction*
    Low Testosterone*
    Pink Eye
    Seasonal Allergies
    Sexually Transmitted Infection*
    Sore Throat
    Strep Throat
    Thyroid Concern*
    Urinary Bladder Infection*
    Vaginal Discharge/Irritation*

    *Treated by a Kelsey-Seybold specialist M-F, 8a-4p

  • Who is eligible to use E-Visits?

    E-Visits are available to patients ages 2-17 (Pediatric) and 18 years and older. Those enrolled in a KelseyCare and KelseyCare Advantage health plan will be able to select from all available reasons for visit.

    For patients on other health plans, only the Upper Respiratory Infection reason for E-Visit (Cold, Cough, Flu, Sore Throat, COVID-19) is currently available.

  • Why am I seeing Upper Respiratory Infection as the only reason for E-Visit option in the list?

    The full list of reasons for E-Visit is currently only available to members of a KelseyCare or KelseyCare Advantage plan. Kelsey-Seybold patients on other health plans can take advantage of our on-demand video visit service, VideoVisitNOW, for their convenient virtual care needs.

  • What does an E-Visit cost?

    The cost of an E-Visit varies by your specific health plan. Copays are typically $15 or less.

  • Why do I need a COVID test result prior to requesting an E-Visit for Upper Respiratory symptoms?

    E-Visits are conducted exclusively by MyKelsey secure message and without the ability to examine or test a patient in real time. To get the most out of your E-Visit during the pandemic, our providers need a way to rule out or confirm COVID-19 infections prior to making any diagnosis or treatment plan from your questionnaire, specifically because symptoms of COVID-19 share those of many other common viral and bacterial infections. We will accept results from a PCR test (lab-processed) or an at-home rapid test conducted in the last 3 days. You may also feel free to utilize MyKelsey to self-schedule your COVID test today.

  • How do I request an E-Visit?
    Sign into MyKelseyOnline or the MyKelsey app and select E-Visit from the main menu. Follow the prompts to review the overview, select your reason for E-Visit, and fill out your questionnaire. Finish with Pre Check-in steps. Once you submit the request, you can go about your day. You will be notified when a provider is reviewing your E-Visit, as well as when the provider has responded.

We make scheduling easy for you

You can schedule appointments through our secure patient portal, MyKelseyOnline, or call our 24/7 Contact Center at 713-442-0427. Virtual Visit options are also available to all new and current patients.