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Frequently Asked Billing Questions

Business Office

Questions or concerns about your Kelsey-Seybold account (billing or statements)? Contact our business office Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm: 713-442-5500.

Paperless Billing

  • What is paperless billing?

    Paperless billing is an electronic version of your billing statement that’s delivered to your MyKelseyOnline account instead of a paper mailed version. To minimize healthcare costs and make paying bills as convenient as possible for our patients, we switched to paperless billing on Sept. 26, 2022. If you’re a registered MyKelseyOnline patient, you’ll automatically receive a paperless statement unless you’re opted out of paperless billing.

    When a billing statement is ready, we’ll send an electronic notification to the guarantor associated with your MyKelseyOnline account. The guarantor is indicated in your Billing Summary. After logging in, you can view your statement, make a payment, or set up your own payment plan. You can also use the MyKelsey mobile app to view and pay your Kelsey-Seybold bills from your phone. If you have the mobile app and you’re the guarantor, you’ll receive an electronic notification on your phone when a statement is ready.

    Note: Paperless billing does not apply to premium billing statements for KelseyCare Advantage.

  • What if I want paper statements? Can I opt out of paperless billing?

    If you prefer to receive paper statements and bills in the mail, you can opt out of paperless billing at any time by following these instructions:

    1. Log in to your MyKelseyOnline account either online or by using the MyKelsey mobile app.
    2. Under Menu, click on Billing Summary.
    3. On the Billing Summary page, scroll down until you see this statement: If you would like to receive paper statements, you may cancel paperless billing.
    4. Click on “Cancel paperless billing.”
    5. Click on “Receive paper statements.”
  • What happens if I miss a notification that a statement is ready in MyKelseyOnline and miss the payment due date?

    You’ll be sent electronic reminders each time a billing statement generates, which is every 30 days. At 90 days past due, Kelsey-Seybold has procedures in place to automatically revert your billing statements to paper. Once the balance is paid, future statements will return to paperless. You can help ensure you don’t miss a notification by logging in to your MyKelseyOnline account and checking that the information associated with your account is correct, including the account guarantor. You can also download the MyKelsey mobile app, which will send billing notifications to your phone.

    You can opt out of paperless billing at any time in your MyKelseyOnline account.

  • What if I try paperless billing and don’t like it? Can I switch to paper statements?

    You can opt out at any time, even if you’ve already used paperless billing. Follow steps 1 – 5 in the instructions above to switch to mailed paper statements.

  • My children and/or parents have MyKelseyOnline accounts, but I’m responsible for their bills. How can I access those statements?

    The guarantor of the child’s account will receive electronic notifications that a billing statement is available. The link in the electronic notification will route to the account with the balance. If you’re not accessing the link, you can switch to your child’s accounts(s) once you’ve logged in to your MyKelseyOnline account. To view the billing statement in your child’s MyKelseyOnline account, you must have child proxy access even if you’re the guarantor. Multiple parents may have proxy access and view the billing statement, but only the guarantor will receive the electronic notifications of new balances and statements. If you don’t have proxy access, complete the Request Child Proxy form under the Sharing menu in MyKelseyOnline. Without proxy access, paper statements are a better option for you.

    If you’re the guarantor of your parent’s account, you will receive an electronic notification that a billing statement is available and will be able to view the billing statements in your parent’s MyKelseyOnline account if you have adult proxy access. With adult proxy access, you’ll be able to view the billing statement in your parent’s account even if you’re not the guarantor, but you won’t receive billing-related electronic notifications. If you don’t have proxy access, paper statements may be a better option for you.

  • I don’t have a MyKelseyOnline account. How will I get my bill?

    If you don’t have a MyKelseyOnline account, a paper billing statement will be mailed to you. If you want to participate in paperless statements or want access to the many features offered in the Kelsey-Seybold patient portal, please sign up by using the activation code on your billing statement. If you don’t have an activation code, you may go to as a new user and select Sign Up Now.

    With paperless billing, you no longer have to wait for your bill to come in the mail or worry about your payment arriving on time. It takes just minutes to access your account, view your statement, make a payment, or set up your own payment plan. You also don’t have to worry about your payment getting lost or stolen in the mail. When you pay your bill online using MyKelseyOnline or the MyKelsey mobile app, you can rest assured that your financial information is secure and never stored in our system.

We make scheduling easy for you

You can schedule appointments through our secure patient portal, MyKelseyOnline, or call our 24/7 Contact Center at 713-442-0427. Virtual Visit options are also available to all new and current patients.