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Occupational Medicine

The cost of treating an injury or illness is always higher than prevention and early intervention. That’s why Kelsey-Seybold Clinic has developed an integrated, proactive approach to medical care. We believe it’s one of the best ways to protect your most valuable assets — your employees.

Our approach is simple: Keep the workplace healthy and safe by offering a wide range of medical services that work together for the benefit of employees and companies. We partner with employers to improve the quality of life of their workforce and the bottom line of their organization.

Since not every business has the same needs, resources, or objectives, we work with each company to design custom programs specifically for its workforce. Our experience and expertise help companies identify programs with the greatest chance of success and implement the programs to according to regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Services

Whether your company is large or small, start-up or established, service or manufacturing, Kelsey-Seybold’s Occupational Health services can help protect your workforce. Our Occupational Health services include:

  • Pre-Placement Examinations – These examinations are targeted to identify health problems or medical conditions that will impact the employee’s ability to meet specific job requirements.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screenings – Kelsey-Seybold provides drug screening services that fulfill the National Institute of Drug Administration (NIDA) requirements. We offer DOT, Non-DOT, BAT, Hair Testing, and Saliva Testing.
  • Foreign Travel – Kelsey-Seybold’s Travel Medicine program is designed to identify current or potential health problems. Kelsey-Seybold offers travel clearance exams, country specific protocols, and a complete suite of immunization services. Clinic nurses are trained according to the requirements established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These nurses provide up-to-date information regarding required and recommended immunizations necessary to protect employees from communicable disease.
  • Industry-Specific Examinations – We offer DOT, OGUK, ADCI, and Merchant Mariner exam services. Our physicians are also trained in medical surveillance, firefighter exams, and other OSHA required protocols.

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