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Face Mask Protection

Outpatient Procedures in our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

New Guidelines to Protect Patients

With the recent guidance issued by Governor Abbott to lift restrictions on outpatient procedures and elective surgeries, our Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) have started a phased reopening process to help ensure the safety of our patients while we increase scheduling of outpatient procedures over the coming weeks. Patient safety is our top priority and we are committed to a safe and measured reopening of our outpatient surgery centers to continue to safely deliver high quality care to patients.

In accordance with national and state guidance, we have implemented the following measures to help reduce exposure and risk to our patients and ASC staff.

Patient Guidelines in Place:
  • Patients are tested for COVID-19 five days prior to their scheduled procedure.
  • Patients and family members must wear a face mask or face cover.
  • Patients are screened at our entrances and everyone will have their temperature taken prior to entry to the facility.
  • Patients are asked to have only one family member or friend accompany them to their procedure.
  • Limit the number of personal items you bring into the clinic.
  • Practice social distancing of 6’ or more from other patients and families.
Because patients 65 years and older are at a higher risk during this time, please discuss with your doctor when you can safely schedule any preventive screenings or other procedures that were delayed due to COVID-19 precautions in place over the last several months.
Kelsey-Seybold ASC Safety Measures in Place to Protect Employees and Patients:
  • Physicians and employees are required to wear a face mask while in patient care on Kelsey-Seybold Clinic premises.
  • Additional measures for infection control have been implemented to help provide patients and our staff a safe clinical environment for your procedure.
  • Employees are screened daily before entering the clinic and have their temperature checked.
  • The number of hand sanitizer stations in the ASC has been increased.
  • Extra cleaning protocols throughout the day have been implemented for all “high touch” surface areas.