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Allergy Attack

Allergy Attack!

September 17, 2020

With the tree pollen marching through the wind and sporadic weather changes launching a full-fledged offensive on your sinuses, it’s nearly impossible to make it through allergy season in Houston unscathed.

Houston’s wildly varied weather conditions and air quality can cause individuals, even those who normally don’t react to allergens, to suffer from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and sinus headaches.

Local outdoor allergens include pollen from grass, oak, and ragweed, while the Bayou City’s high humidity and warm weather promote elevated mold and dust mite levels.

But you can attack seasonal allergies before they attack you. Start with an evaluation and allergy testing with a board-certified allergist to determine what environmental triggers are the cause of your allergies.

Skin tests are typically preferred among physicians and patients alike because they are rapid, reliable, and generally less expensive than other tests. Treatment will vary depending on the cause and severity of allergies and may include allergy shots for those who don’t respond to medication.

Allergists consider allergen avoidance to be the front line of protection. Limit time outdoors, close your windows, shower after spending significant time outside, and consider investing in a HEPA filter for your home.

A Kelsey-Seybold Allergy specialist can help you experience freedom from Houston allergy attacks with testing and a personalized treatment plan.

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