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Condolences to the Kelsey Family

May P. Fernandez   10/14/2015
Thank you for your life contribution. Your legacy will live on.

Edward Guerrero   9/14/2015
What a legendary man that I had the honor of meeting for his 100th birthday. His legend lives on in the work of the clinic and the foundation. I know as a family that you truly have such a wonderful life to celebrate and through your loss, his works and the care he gave to so many through the years must ease your pain and help you to get through this hurtful moment. My thoughts are with you.

Ruby N Wright   5/28/2015
It is with great honor and loss that I send you this condolence of a great person and a giver of love,care and humanity. I never knew Mr. Kelsey personally but I know he served this community with honor. I will always honor and admire him for I have been a patient at his great clinic for over 38 years. I thank him greatly for all his services and I wish I could have done it earlier, he really has made a positive difference in my life. May he be blessed always.

Steve Banovic   11/18/2014
My most sincere condolences. Mr. Kelsey has revolutionized the way people are treated. To this day other healthcare providers are attempting to emulate what Kelsey-Seybold does today.

Jiyeon Park   10/27/2014
Mr. Kelsey was a great man. God bless him.

Frank W. Stransky PA-C   11/27/2013
I was hired by John Roger Kelsey shortly after my graduation from Baylor College of Medicine in August 1974, PA Class #2. I was the first PA ever hired by the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic and I helped open the new satellite clinic on San Felipe. I worked with both Mavis and John for 3 years until I took and general practice position in El Paso, Texas with Dr. John Thomas. I later joined the Department of Veterans Affairs in Waco, Texas as a Geriatric Psychiatry PA and finished my 20 year career with the VA in 2013 at the VA Outpatient Clinic. I was the first PA to be hired at all 3 of my positions but the knowledge and expertise that I acquired at the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic was invaluable and it helped me establish my career. the compassion and empathy and bedside manner of the Kelseys was an excellent way to start my career and I owe a great debt of gratitude to them and their staff. I want to send my condolences and best wishes and prayers to all of the Kelsey family as well as the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic family.

SANDRA ESPARZA   11/22/2013
I want to send many prays to the family. I love working here at Kelsey Seybold and he will always be remember for all everything he's done the make the medical field grow.

Sandra   11/20/2013
I offer my condolences and prayers to the family, and friends of Dr. Kelsey. Dr. Kelsey leaves us with an amazing legacy, he will never be forgotten.

Drs. Pablo Lozano and Martha Laird and family   11/19/2013
What a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Kelsey-Seybold family for the past 15 years. We send our deepest condolences to the Kelsey family, as we recognize the great contributions that Dr. Kelsey made to his profession and to his community. We are blessed to have had him for so many years. Our prayers of thanks are with you at this most difficult time.

Rosalinda   11/19/2013
He was a great man, I am very glad that someone has made an impact as large as his. My condolences.

Heather Schneider   11/19/2013
I send my deepest condolences to the Kelsey family and friends.He was an amazing man.I never got the opportunity to meet him.He did amazing things.The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic that he founded over 60 years ago will be around for many years to come and his Legacy will live on!

Karen Emanuel   11/19/2013
My sincerest condolences to Dr. Kelsey's family and friends. Dr. Kelsey was an amazing man. He started this clinic with some very high goals and he achieved them and surpassed them. He was a family man as well. He will be missed!

Deacon and Mrs. James H. Meshell   11/18/2013
Dear Family and Friends of Dr. Kelsey, Our hearts go out to you upon the loss of your great friend and collegue, Dr. Kelsey. We had not known his story before today, when my husband went in for outpatient surgery, I was struck by the portrait of this man and saw that he had recently died. I had to find out more about who he was and what he must have meant to people. Surely my husband and countless thousands of others would not have recieved care in this way without his pioneering spirit. May you who mourn Dr. Kelsey's loss be comforted by our Lord Jesus Christ and may his work and legacy live on. On this, the day of his memorial, please permit us to offer this prayer in his honor: Lord God, You sent your Son into the world to preach the Good News of salvation and to pour out His Spirit of grace upon your people. Look with kindness on your faithful servant, our brother Mavis. As a disciple of Jesus he was strengthened by the gift of the Spirit to live a life of love and service— a living witness to the Good News of Christ. In your mercy, Give him the reward promised to those who show their love of you by service to their neighbor. Most merciful God, whose wisdom is beyond our understanding, Surround the Kelsey family with your love that they may not be overwhelmed by their loss, but have confidence in your goodness, and strength to meet the days to come. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Estella Capuchino   11/18/2013
My condolences to the Kelsey family. My father Sebastian Capuchino worked at Kelsey Seybold years ago, he always spoke highly of Dr Kelsey.

Darla Love   11/15/2013
To the family of Dr. Mavis Kelsey, I met Dr. Mavis at West Clinic in the lab (LabCorp) and it was a great pleasure to meet someone so well known which we share the same birthday. I will always remember his birthday and age he is 51 yrs older than me. So that's my story on Dr. Mavis Kelsey. Family and friends Dr. M. Kelsey served his time well as we know. Just remember we will see him on the other side. With prayers and deepest condolence. Darla Love & Family

Mary Sit   11/15/2013
When I was a business reporter for the Houston Chronicle, I interviewed Dr. Seybold at his home. He was in his 80s, and I was impressed how sharp his mind was. The perfect host, he had homemade chocolate chip cookies on a platter for me, and insisted I take some home with me. Not only was he a pioneer in medicine, he had perfected that "bedside manner" which was evident to first-time guests in his home. Dr. Seybold contributed greatly to Houston's health care landscape. My deepest sympathies to his family.

Danita Davidson   11/15/2013
I would like to extend my deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Kelsey Family. Dr Kelsey will be greatly missed.

Dennie Masser   11/15/2013
I'm sorry for ya'll loss. My prayers go to the family, and all that he touched. Peace, dennie

Ann L. Cook   11/15/2013
Dr. Mavis Kelsey was super-intelligent but able to relate to every person he met. He achieved greatness while remaining humble and approachable. He was accomplished in many areas with a great store of knowledge, but was not bombastic or overbearing. He perfected the lost art of "visiting" with his terrific conversational abilities and genuine interest in others. He had a great, infectious laugh. He leaves an incredible legacy with his vision, perseverance, and generosity, and in Kelsey-Seybold Clinic which so proudly bears his name. God bless you, Dr. Kelsey. You will always be in our hearts.

Jackie Mathews   11/15/2013
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kelsey Family, that God will give you comfort in this your hour of bereavement. I am so honored that Dr. Kelsey had the vision to provide outstanding health care to the communities of this City. May his legacy live long and strong and may his vision stay in our view as we continue his work. So long good soldier, until we meet again.

Patrice Freeman   11/14/2013
I send my condolences to the family and those closest to Dr. Kelsey. His vision and life has brought so much life to others including myself. May those closest to him find peace and comfort in memories and the saving and healing of lives Dr. Kelsey's life has brought to so many and carry on his legacy by touching and helping others.

Susan delrosario    11/14/2013
I am so very sorry for the loss dr Mavis had lived a long good life helping people who are sick well he is home with The Lord we one day see him in heaven

Joycelyn Davis-Cooper   11/14/2013
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kelsey Family.didn't have the honor to meet Dr.Marvis Kelsey, But have heard and seen great things. Also very honor to be a part of the Kelsey-Seybold Team.

Kimberly Hargraves   11/14/2013
My heartfelt condolences go to your family. I was able to meet Dr Kelsey when he would come into my area of the clinic. He was, nd always will remain in my memories, a kind man who would smile whenever you spoke with him. He definitely appreciated the people who worked in any area of the clinic. He will be missed, but he will always be remembered fondly for the type of person he was and respected for all that he achieved.

Jean Weaver   11/14/2013
I would like to offer my sincerest condolences. Dr Kelsey was a great man and we will all miss him.

Pat   11/13/2013
Condolences to the Kelsey family regarding the passing of Dr. Mavis Kelsey. Very nice to see the photo gallery on the Kelsey website, sure brought Dr. Kelsey to life for those of us who did not know him personally. He sure did have a productive life and gave his all to help others. No one could ask for more and I'm sure his family will miss him. Those of us who benefit from his legacy, the Kelsey-Seybold clinics are grateful for what he has accomplished. Well done Dr. Mavis Kelsey!

Claudia Ruth Gutierrez   11/13/2013
I have been visiting the clinics since the 1970's and just went to the Kelsey-Seybold sight to make an appt. and saw that Dr. Kelsey had passed away. I never knew any history about him or the clinic. I read and viewed the pictures, Wow, what an inspiration he was. It brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful legacy he has left. I know his family is saddened by his passing but must be so proud of all his accomplishments for so many years. Please accept my condolences and prayers for the family.

Melena Long   11/13/2013
What a great man and a great life. My thoughts and prayers are with Dr.Kelsey's family.

Dorothy Ridge   11/13/2013
You and your family are in our prayers. Sorry to hear of your loss

Josie Lopez & family   11/12/2013
Want the Kelsey family to know we are saddened to hear Dr Kelsey not here with us at this time. But, I know he will forever be in my mind and heart as well as in the life and heart of my family. Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of your everlasting way of business. Dr Kelsey is the best example of setting a goal in life & reaching to the max while sharing the love among all. We love you Sir. Thank you for all you have done in the name of humanity. My most heartfelt condolence. May you rest on peace now. Much appreciation, your loyal employee always. Josie

Patrick Quinn    11/12/2013
A great and good man who will be missed by all. My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues!

Franni   11/12/2013
My thoughts and prayers and with the Kelsey family. Dr. Kelsey was a true marvel and left Houston very rich with all his contributions.

Louisa Herrera   11/12/2013
I feel privileged to be a part of the vision Dr. Kelsey had that became a reality

Kim Lykins   11/12/2013
It was an honor to work with Dr. Kelsey on our series for PBS featuring historic Texas courthouses, a topic of particular interest for him. We used his book, "The Courthouses of Texas," as a field guide while filming courthouses across the state. He was a man of many interests and talents. He shall be missed.

Valerie Wilke   11/12/2013
It was a pleasure to have met Dr. Kelsey the first year I began my job here at Kelsey-Seybold in 2009. This is truly a great organization and without your vision, this company would not have grown to what it is today. Thank you for creating this healthcare system and for bringing innovations in medicine to the residents of Houston.

Bonnie Gardner   11/12/2013
It is with a heavy heart that I send condolences to the Kelsey family. After working here for 40 years and having known Dr. Kelsey, I truly grew to adore and admire him and all he stood for. He taught me so much and guided me wisely in my early career here. God Bless Dr. Kelsey. He is at home with his wife Mary at last. Bonnie Gardner Ultrasound

Allison   11/12/2013
My prayers are with you and your family.

Nellie Chavez   11/12/2013
To the Kelsey family, I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you. Dr. Kelsey was one of the greats and I'm thankful I got to be a part of his vision and legacy.

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