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Pharmacy Residency

​General Program Information

​Accreditation Status:​Accredited
​Duration:​​12-month residency (begins in July)
​Number of Positions:​To be determined on an annual basis (maximum of 2 positions)
​Estimated Stipend:​​$41,000
​Benefits:Health, dental, vision insurance, PTO, professional leave, and free parking.
​Residency Sites:​Kelsey-Seybold Administrative Business Center (PAOB) in Houston, Texas.
​Residency Project:​All residents will design and conduct a project during the year and gain experience in study design, methodology, data collection, and statistical analysis along with written and oral presentation of results


  • Clinical Programs 
    • Anticoagulation Clinic
    • Medication Therapy Management Program
    • Fall Prevention
    • Medication Adherence Program
    • Hospital Discharge Program
    • Virtual Hypertension Clinic
  • Advanced Clinical Programs
    • Clinical Projects
    • Population Health
  • Formulary/Utilization Management I (Coverage Determination & Fraud, Waste, and Abuse)
  • Formulary/Utilization Management II
  • Pharmacy Quality
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Community Pharmacy, Drug Distribution & Medication Safety, and Infusion Pharmacy
  • Elective (1) – Resident’s choice; options include, but are not limited to:
    • Health Plan Operations/Administration
    • Pharmacy Benefit Management


  • Part D Clinical Consultant
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Appeals and Grievances​


12 months in duration

  • Research Project
  • Pharmacy Quality Initiatives
  • Part D Presentations, Training, & Education
  • Part D Oversight Audits
  • Clinical Department Support
  • Weekend coverage of clinical and Part D programs as requested


  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Academic Certificate Training Program
  • Educational Travel Opportunities
  • Health Care Finance
  • Drug Benefit Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Populations Based Pharmaceutical Care
  • Direct Patient Care