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Mohs Surgery: What To Expect

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is here to guide you through every step of your Mohs surgery for skin cancer removal. Our Mohs surgery specialists will walk you through everything, including preoperative preparation, perioperative procedures, and postoperative care.

Before Your Procedure

You, your Dermatologist, and Kelsey-Seybold Mohs surgery specialist will assess whether a Mohs surgical procedure is the best course of action for your cancer. Once there is an established need for Mohs surgery, your provider will set up an appointment date and time for your procedure.

You'll be required to follow specific instructions before undergoing your Mohs procedure for skin cancer which may include:

  • Stop taking certain medications such as pain relievers, prescribed medicine, aspirin, ibuprofen, and over-the-counter supplements.
  • Stop smoking as far in advance as possible since cigarette smoking and vaping interfere with wound healing.
  • Abstain from alcohol for a few days before your surgery. Because alcohol might increase the risk of bleeding during surgery, doctors advise against drinking beer, wine, or cocktails before the procedure.
  • Wear comfy clothes. You’ll probably feel best if you wear something comfortable and familiar.
  • Shower on the day of surgery. Showering will decrease the risk of infection.
  • Do not wear makeup if the procedure is on your face.

Every patient's condition is unique, so our Mohs surgery specialists may make other recommendations.

During Your Mohs Procedure

Mohs skin cancer surgery is done as an outpatient operation in our on-site surgical suite.

During the procedure:


Step 1

Your Kelsey-Seybold Mohs surgeon will thoroughly examine the cancerous lesion and local anesthesia will be administered.

Resting patient face

Step 2

The visible portion of the lesion will be surgically removed.

Surgical scalpel

Step 3

A deeper layer of skin will then be removed and the area divided into sections. Your Kelsey-Seybold Mohs surgery specialist will then color-code each of these sections with dyes and make reference marks on the skin to show the source of the sections.


Step 4

After tissue processing in a laboratory, the Mohs surgeon utilizes a microscope to examine the undersurface and edges of each slice of tissue removed during the procedure to look for evidence of remaining cancer.

Virus cell

Step 5

If cancerous cells are identified microscopically, their exact location is mapped out, and the surgeon returns to the patient to precisely remove another layer of skin.

Happy doctor

Step 6

The removal process stops when there is no longer any evidence of cancer. Because Mohs surgery removes only tissue containing cancer, it ensures that the maximum amount of healthy tissue is kept intact.

After Your Procedure

After the procedure, your Kelsey-Seybold Mohs surgery specialist will examine the wound and discuss your choices for aesthetic repair. Our doctors understand that an excellent cosmetic result is an integral part of the recovery process, and that's why they work hard to leave as little tissue damage as possible.

Mohs surgery is a proven and effective way to treat cancer. Learn more about Mohs surgery recovery and postoperative care here.

Maximize Your Results and Minimize Scarring

Call our Desk Nurse at 713-442-MOHS (6647) to schedule an appointment with our board-certified Mohs surgeons. Our Kelsey Mohs surgery specialists are committed to providing you with the highest quality care. Kelsey- Seybold Clinic in Houston, Texas, is changing the way health cares.

Schedule an appointment with our Board-Certified Mohs Surgeons

If you are interested in Mohs Surgery, please call our Desk Nurse at 713-442-MOHS (6647) to schedule a comprehensive consultation with our board-certified Mohs Surgeons.