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Non-Cosmetic Procedures

Allergy Patch Testing

Patch testing is a dermatological procedure that determines whether a patient’s skin rash is caused or aggravated by an allergy to substances that come into contact with the skin. Learn more about allergy patch testing here.

Benign Tumor and Mole Excisions

A dermatologist can determine whether a mole is harmless, a benign growth, or cancerous. Most moles don’t require medical treatment but can be removed for cosmetic purposes or if there is a possibility of it being cancerous. It’s best to have a consultation visit prior to the procedure to determine if the mole or benign tumor can be removed.

Mole excisions involve the dermatologist removing the entire mole from the skin, then stitching the skin back together after its removal. If the dermatologist suspects that the mole contains cancer, the mole can be examined closer through a biopsy.

Mohs Surgery

This type of surgery is a specialized technique for removing commonly occurring skin cancers while sparing the greatest amount of normal, healthy tissue.

Skin Cancer Screenings

Screenings for skin cancer consist of a head-to-toe exam to assess suspicious or worrisome growths. This is also an opportunity for patients to become more educated about what to look for when examining theirs and their family members’ skin.

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