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Do’s & Don’ts for Patch Testing

Follow recommended guidelines to help ensure testing is accurate and comfortable.

We recommend that during patch testing, you follow some simple guidelines that will help to make the testing more accurate and more comfortable for you.

Do not:

  • Get your back wet during the week of testing
  • Expose your back to the sun or artificial sunlight (tanning beds) during the week of testing
  • Take prescription corticosteroids for up to four weeks before or during the week of testing


  • Avoid sports, heavy physical work or anything that results in sweating during the week of testing
  • Wear an old bra or shirt for the week of the tests and wear a soft, non-abrasive shirt while sleeping to protect patches
  • Consider wearing shirts that open at the front, rather than those that have to be pulled over your head
  • Tape the edges of any patches that begin to come off during the week of testing with medical tape
  • Note the date and time any patch comes completely off
  • Contact your doctor if you become concerned about anything during testing
  • Contact your doctor if you develop a reaction at the site of testing after testing is completed

If you have unexplained dermatitis and would like more information on patch testing at Kelsey-Seybold’s Tanglewood Clinic, contact us.

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