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Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

It's very important that you adhere to strict guidelines during the two weeks prior to your weight loss surgery. Doing so will help prevent complications, aid in recovery, and ensure positive outcomes.

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Follow your diet.

Follow the preoperative diet provided by your bariatric surgeon. This will be a low-calorie diet that may consist of only liquids to help you lose weight quickly before the operation. If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugars closely.

Stay active.

Make time every day to walk or exercise during the one to two weeks leading up to surgery.

Fill your prescriptions.

Fill new and current prescriptions that you'll need to take while you're in the hospital. Your bariatric surgeon will let you know which medications you should discontinue prior to and after surgery.

Get plenty of sleep.

Come to surgery mentally sharp and well rested. Continue to use your CPAP or BIPAP mask if you have one and bring your equipment to the hospital.

The Night Before Surgery

  • Drink only clear liquids, such as water, decaffeinated black coffee or tea (no creamer), or bone broth.
  • Before midnight, drink 32 ounces of one of the following:
    • Regular sports drink like Gatorade (NOT sugar-free)
    • Apple juice
    • Cranberry juice
    • Orange juice without pulp
  • Do not eat after midnight. While it may be tempting to eat a “last meal” of high-calorie, high-carb foods before the procedure, it's important to stick to your preoperative diet.
  • Do not shave the surgical area.
  • Shower using surgical soap purchased from your local drugstore.
  • Sleep on clean sheets and don't allow pets in bed with you.

The Morning of Surgery

  • Take your medications as instructed by your bariatric surgeon.
  • At least four hours prior to surgery, drink 16 ounces of one of the following:
    • Sports drink like Gatorade (not sugar-free)
    • Apple juice
    • Cranberry juice
    • Orange juice without pulp
  • Using the CHG wipes provided by your surgical team, clean yourself in this order:
    • Neck, chest, and shoulders
    • Arms, hands, and armpits
    • Abdomen and groin
    • Right leg and foot
    • Left leg and foot
    • Back and buttocks
  • Do not use any powder, lotion, or deodorant.
  • Dress in clean, loose-fitting clothing to go to the hospital.
  • Do not wear any makeup or nail polish.
  • Remove all jewelry, including piercings.
  • Leave all valuables at home.
  • If you wear contacts, bring your solution with you to the hospital. You may opt to wear glasses instead of contacts for convenience.

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