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KelseyCare Powered by Cigna FAQ

  • As a member of the KelseyCare Cigna plan, do I need to get a referral to see a Kelsey-Seybold specialist?

    No, you can schedule an appointment directly with any Kelsey-Seybold specialist at any Kelsey-Seybold location, no referrals required. Kelsey-Seybold’s doctors have expertise in more than 65 medical specialties.

    As a KelseyCare Cigna member, you also have access to an extensive network of credentialed, contracted affiliate specialists with a referral from your Kelsey-Seybold physician. Affiliate specialists include doctors from Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, and other highly regarded physician organizations.

  • Is there a specific geographic area I must live in to enroll in the KelseyCare Cigna Health Plan?

    Yes, and it covers most of the Greater Houston-Galveston area. Please click here for a full list of eligible ZIP codes.

  • Who should I contact if I have KelseyCare Cigna medical benefits and claims questions?
    • Direct benefit and claim questions to Cigna Member Services at the phone number shown on your Member ID card.
    • Call the KelseyCare Concierge at 713-442-0006, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for personalized assistance and answers to all your questions about Kelsey-Seybold.
  • Will I continue to have access to the KelseyCare Cigna 24/7 Health Information Line to speak with a nurse when needed?
    • Yes, call the member or customer service phone number shown on the back of your member ID card.
    • As a KelseyCare Cigna member, you also have access to Kelsey-Seybold’s 24-hour Contact Center and After-Hours Nurse Hotline by calling 713-442-0000. The After-Hours Nurse Hotline is staffed by Kelsey-Seybold registered nurses who can access your secure electronic medical record and page your Kelsey-Seybold physician when needed. You can call the After-Hours Nurse Hotline after 5 p.m. on weeknights and anytime on weekends and holidays to ask questions or discuss concerns regarding symptoms or illnesses you or a family member may be experiencing.
  • Will I continue to have access to

    Yes, you’ll continue to have access to the member login at

  • Will my healthcare providers file my claims with Cigna or with Kelsey-Seybold?

    Your KelseyCare Cigna plan providers will file your claims with Kelsey-Seybold.

  • What if I become ill or injured while I'm traveling outside of the Houston area?
    • Emergencies are covered worldwide.
    • Contact Cigna at the phone number shown on your Member ID card for more information about participating urgent care clinics and other emergency care outside the Greater Houston area.
    • Emergency care and Cigna in-network urgent care clinics are a covered benefit. Please refer to your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for details.
    • As a KelseyCare Cigna member, you have access to virtual care on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
      • VideoVisitNOW (co-pays apply) provides on-demand care for adults (ages 18+) from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday – Friday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends and holidays. You can also schedule on-demand Video Visits for children (0 – 17 years) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday – Friday. Wait times average 20 minutes or less!
      • Scheduled Video Visits (co-pays apply) provide primary care and specialty care for adults 18+ and children 0 – 17 years old from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Video Visits for primary care only are available on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • If you need a prescription filled while traveling outside of the Houston area, your Kelsey-Seybold physician can order the prescription for you. To refill a prescription:
      • Send a secure message through MyKelseyOnline or the MyKelsey App to your doctor’s office.
      • Call 713.442.0000 and ask to be connected to your physician’s nurse.
      • If you have your prescription bottle you can call the pharmacy phone number on the bottle and request that they transfer your prescription to a pharmacy close to you.

    Depending on the severity of your situation:

    • Go to the nearest emergency room for serious and immediate medical treatment needs.
    • Contact your Kelsey-Seybold physician during normal business hours.
    • Contact the Kelsey-Seybold After-Hours Nurse Hotline at 713-442-0000.
    • Seek care from one of the participating urgent care clinics available across the country.

    Kelsey-Seybold After-Hours registered nurses have access to your Kelsey-Seybold electronic medical record and can counsel you on appropriate care and next steps. The nurse can page your physician and have medications called into a local pharmacy, as necessary, to treat your condition.

  • What if I switch to the KelseyCare Cigna plan and receive care from a non-participating physician?

    If you’re currently undergoing treatment for a serious medical condition and want to enroll in the KelseyCare Cigna plan, please complete a Transition of Care form or contact Cigna’s customer service line at the phone number shown on your member ID card. Your request will be reviewed for medical necessity. If approved, you will be able to continue seeing the current provider for the time specified on the approval. You will then be transitioned into Kelsey-Seybold to establish a relationship with a Kelsey-Seybold physician. If your request is not approved, you will need to begin receiving care from a Kelsey-Seybold physician. The KelseyCare Concierge can help you. Call 713-442-0006, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • How is maternity coverage handled?
    • Please refer to your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for detailed information on maternity coverage.
    • Take advantage of Kelsey-Seybold’s complimentary educational maternity classes and programs.
  • Do I have access to urgent care clinics?

    Yes, you'll have access to Cigna’s National Urgent Care Network through your KelseyCare Cigna plan, as well as Saturday sick-care appointments at four Kelsey-Seybold regional locations: Bay Area Campus in Webster, Fort Bend Campus in Sugar Land, Memorial Villages Campus at I-10 and Katy Freeway, and North Houston Campus off FM 1960 and Cypress Woods Medical Drive. With the KelseyCare Cigna plan, you have many options for after-hours care, including:

    • Kelsey-Seybold’s After-Hours Nurse Hotline at 713-442-0000 is available weeknights after 5 p.m. and on weekends and holidays. A Kelsey-Seybold registered nurse will answer your questions, page your physician if necessary, and schedule needed appointments. If a situation appears life threatening, take immediate action and call 911.
    • Saturday sick-care appointments for children and adults are available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at four Kelsey-Seybold locations: Bay Area Campus, Fort Bend Campus, Memorial Villages Campus, and North Houston Campus. Call our 24-hour Contact Center at 713-442-0000 after 5 p.m. on Friday or on Saturday morning for a Saturday appointment.
    • Urgent care is available through Cigna at urgent care clinics nationwide. You can find an urgent care clinic near you by searching the Find a Doctor tool via Cigna’s National Urgent Care Network. Urgent care clinics treat conditions that need immediate attention, but aren’t life-threatening, such as broken bones, fractures, cuts, lacerations, sprains, strains, fevers, and minor infections.
    • Emergency room (ER) services are available through your KelseyCare Cigna plan by searching the Find a Doctor tool via Cigna’s National Urgent Care Network. Emergency care services include medical, psychiatric, surgical, hospital, and related healthcare services, such as ambulance service and testing, which are required to treat a sudden, unexpected onset of bodily injury or serious sickness. Examples of emergency situations include uncontrolled bleeding, seizures or loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, chest pains or severe squeezing sensations in the chest, suspected overdose of medication or poisoning, sudden paralysis, or slurred speech.
  • How do I find out which hospitals are in the KelseyCare Cigna plan network?
    KelseyCare Cigna physicians coordinate in-hospital care through multiple world-class hospital partners and hospital systems. This includes Texas Children’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Health, The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, and HCA Houston Healthcare.
  • What happens if I need specialized care or cancer treatment as a KelseyCare Cigna member?

    Kelsey-Seybold has specialists with expertise in more than 65 medical specialties. No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment with any Kelsey-Seybold specialist at any Kelsey-Seybold location. Go to and search “Find a Doctor” by specialty to view biographies and physician videos.

    When needed, your Kelsey-Seybold physicians will engage specialists on your behalf at Kelsey-Seybold and other top medical groups and hospitals to ensure a quality treatment plan to meet your specific care needs.

    In addition, your KelseyCare Cigna plan gives you access to an extensive network of affiliated specialists in the Texas Medical Center and in the community and will make a referral based on your needs. Affiliated specialists who work with us include doctors at the renowned Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Heart Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, and other highly regarded physician organizations.

    As a KelseyCare Cigna plan member, you have access to our board-certified Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center team within days of receiving a diagnosis. Should you require care that’s not available within Kelsey-Seybold’s nationally accredited Cancer Centers and Infusion Centers, our cancer specialists will make a referral with the appropriate cancer center or treatment program that offers the best outcomes for your personal situation. This includes Baylor College of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, St. Luke’s Health, and Texas Children’s Hospital.

  • How can I communicate with Kelsey-Seybold online?
    • Make your own appointments with Kelsey-Seybold primary care physicians and an expanding list of specialists.
    • Schedule on-demand virtual care and appointments for other medical services, including flu shots and other vaccines/injections and lab services.
    • With and the MyKelsey app, you have a private and secure way to connect with your Kelsey-Seybold physicians and to keep track of test results, appointments, medical history, and more.
    • Sign up at or call 713-442-6565 for help with setting up or using your account. With, you can:
      • Email your doctor's office.
      • Request prescription refills at your Kelsey Pharmacy.
      • View most test results.
    • Our LanguageLine interpretation service for video visits is available for all Kelsey-Seybold video visits. This new feature is taking the telemedicine experience to a new level by providing on-demand interpretation for our diverse patient population within seconds. In addition to English, there are currently six languages available for Video Visits: Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, American Sign Language, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Requesting a LanguageLine interpreter is a quick and easy process.
  • What’s included in the KelseyCare Cigna plan?

    Complete Access to Care, 24/7 – Choose the Kelsey-Seybold physician you want to see at any of our 40 clinic and campus locations, and make an appointment with no referral required. Contact our 24/7 Contact Center for appointment scheduling. Speak to an expert Kelsey-Seybold nurse whenever you have a concern after hours – just call 713-442-0000. Make appointments for sick care at four locations on Saturdays: Our Memorial Villages Campus at I-10 and Katy Freeway, Fort Bend Campus in Sugar Land, Bay Area Campus in Webster, and North Houston Campus off FM 1960 and Cypress Woods Medical Drive.

    Access to Premier Hospitals – This includes but is not limited to St. Luke’s Health – Texas Medical Center, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and Pasadena; Houston Methodist hospitals; Texas Children’s Hospital; and HCA Houston Healthcare The Woman’s Hospital of Texas and HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake.

    One-Stop Care – Kelsey-Seybold’s state-of-the-art care centers are located throughout the Greater Houston area and bring primary care, many specialists, lab and X-ray, and on-site pharmacies together for you. We offer advanced imaging (MRI, CT, PET, digital mammography, bone densitometry) and outpatient surgery on a scheduled basis.

    Secure Online Access to Your Physician – Enroll in MyKelseyOnline to securely view your lab results and email your physician’s office with questions and follow-ups.

    Coordinated Care – Ever wish your physicians talked to each other? Kelsey-Seybold physicians are experts on coordination and collaboration. We know that coordinated care is the key to superior care. Your secure medical information is always available to your Kelsey-Seybold physicians through our state-of-the-art electronic medical record.

  • Where can I get a prescription filled?
    You can have prescriptions filled at the pharmacy of your choice that participates in your prescription benefit plan, including any Kelsey Pharmacy, where you can have a prescription filled on-site right where you see your doctor. Learn more about our Kelsey Pharmacy locations.
  • Why should I choose the KelseyCare Cigna plan for my medical care?

    With the KelseyCare Cigna plan, you’ll get quality care from leading physicians and premier hospitals. You'll have a concierge level of service available exclusively for Kelsey-Seybold members. When you select KelseyCare Cigna, you are exclusively selecting Kelsey-Seybold physicians and Kelsey-Seybold affiliate specialists to coordinate and deliver your care and treatment. The KelseyCare Cigna plan offers comprehensive benefits, including physician care, hospitalization, outpatient surgery and treatment, diagnostic services, and preventive care. The bottom line – Kelsey-Seybold and KelseyCare Cigna are the partners you want for convenient, comprehensive, quality care.

    Kelsey-Seybold Contact Center: 713-442-0000
    • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to schedule appointments.
    Kelsey-Seybold After-Hours Nurse Hotline: 713-442-0000
    • Speak with a Kelsey-Seybold registered nurse after 5 p.m. on weeknights and on holidays and weekends.
    KelseyCare Concierge Service: 713-442-9593 or 1-866-578-7018
    • Speak with a Concierge representative for help with finding nearby clinic locations and physicians and for expert help resolving your questions and concerns about the KelseyCare Cigna plan.
    MyKelseyOnline: 713-442-6565
    • Call 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday – Saturday, for help setting up or using your MyKelseyOnline account.