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Your Executive Health Assessment Visit

During this time, your physician will:

  • Review all available test results
  • Address any health risks and concerns you may have
  • Discuss any follow-up testing that may be needed
  • Perform a thorough physical exam
  • Listen to and answer any questions you may have

By the time you leave, you’ll have a practical, concrete plan for better health. Shortly after your appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive, individualized, written report that outlines results, diagnoses, and recommended follow-up.

Executive Assessment Options

Proposed examination and test procedures are based solely on the standard examination components recommended by the American Medical Association and the physician leadership of Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. We can customize a program as needed based on corporate medical protocols or patient preference.

Executive Health Assessment I (age 18 to 39)

  • Extended wellness consultation
  • Executive physical exam
  • Medical history evaluation
  • Electrocardiogram, including cardiology interpretation
  • HGB A1C – diabetes screening
  • Complete blood count
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Urinalysis
  • Lipid profile
  • Visual acuity screening
  • Pure tone hearing test
  • Pap test (female patients, upon request)
  • Bone density screening (female patients with one or more risk factors for osteoporosis)

Executive Health Assessment II (age 40 to 64)
Includes all the components of EHA I, plus:

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone
  • TSH with reflex to T4
  • Cardiac stress test (upon request, once every 5 years)
  • Prostate PSA test (male patients)
  • Mammogram (female patients, upon request)
  • Bone density screening (female patients with one or more risk factors for osteoporosis)

Executive Health Assessment III (age 65+)
Includes all the components of EHA I & II, plus:

  • Bone density screening (female patients)
Executive Health Brochure

Executive Health Billing

There are two components to the pricing and billing of the Kelsey-Seybold Executive Assessment Program:

  1. Extended Wellness Assessment
    The Extended Wellness Assessment offers an extended visit with the physician and a comprehensive, individualized written report of all results, findings, and recommendations. This fee is not billable under insurance coverage and can be direct billed to the company or paid by the patient.

  2. Testing and Preventive Checkup – Billing via Health Plan
    Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is contracted with most health plans and will bill the carrier for the physician visit, laboratory work, and tests ordered by the physician to potentially include EKG, cardiac stress test, vision screening, and audio screening.

    Executives are responsible for paying their insurance co-pay at the time of service, or this can be direct billed to their company. If necessary, the patient or company will be billed for the remaining co-insurance amount based on their specific health plan’s contract. PPO plans typically receive a discounted rate, and the patient is responsible for only their contracted portion of the health plan’s discounted rate for all covered services.

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