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Partnering with Your Pharmacist for Better Health

Partnering with Your Pharmacist for Better Health

February 05, 2022

By Richard Huynh, PharmD

If you’re like most patients, you may think of your local pharmacist simply as the person who fills your prescriptions. Though this may be a part of their job, they’re an important member of your medical team who plays a crucial role in your health.

In the past, patients often visited the pharmacy for many of their medical needs and advice. Though visiting a pharmacy for this purpose may not be as common today, pharmacists do much more than “count pills.” These professionals help patients manage their health through a number of services.

Collaboration with Physicians

Kelsey-Seybold pharmacists do more than contact your physicians for refills. They go further to ensure effective and collaborative communication occurs with your physician. For example, a physician may submit a prescription that may interact with an existing medication you are taking. A Kelsey-Seybold pharmacists will notify you and work with your physician to develop the best alternative treatment plan.

Chronic Condition Management

Your physician is the medical expert when it comes to diagnosing and treating your chronic condition, such as diabetes or arthritis, but your pharmacist is the expert to turn to for guidance on your medications. They can advise you on what the medications do, how they should be taken (morning or evening, with or without food), and potential side effects that you could experience.

Working with Your Pharmacist

Nonprescription Help

Does your child have an unusual rash? Your pharmacist can advise you on which over-the-counter remedies might help. Are you considering taking herbal supplements? Your Kelsey-Seybold pharmacist can provide you with guidance and recommendations for your over-the-counter needs. Kelsey-Seybold pharmacists can help you select an effective over-the-counter treatment and evaluate if it will be safe for you or your loved ones.

Most Kelsey-Seybold Clinic locations have a Kelsey Pharmacy on-site. Our physicians consider Kelsey-Seybold pharmacists a pivotal part of our patients’ care team and collaborate with them to provide comprehensive, compassionate care. And you should too! Let a Kelsey-Seybold pharmacist complete your visit at Kelsey-Seybold by filling your prescriptions and getting you on your way. They provide the convenience of delivery services, curbside delivery, synchronization of your maintenance medications, and a caring team that will help you with your medications needs.

Kelsey Pharmacy

About the Author

Richard Huynh is a registered pharmacist and the Interim Director of Pharmacy at Kelsey-Seybold.
Dr. Adesina from Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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