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Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Wellness Heroes Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Wellness Heroes

Lynnette Ligons, Sr. Benefits Specialist

“You have to have a support system. It’s so much harder without it. Also, you have to stick with it.” - Lynnette Ligons

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Lynnette Ligons

November 2015

Learning she had high blood pressure was a wake-up call for Lynnette Ligons. This, plus a family history of diabetes, was the push she needed to focus on a healthier lifestyle. She joined Weight Watchers, where she learned to make healthier food choices, and started exercising six days a week.  She’s thrilled with the results.

Why did you decide to try Weight Watchers?

I like that you can tailor it to your eating style. Basically, you eat what you want and at your own pace to lose the amount of weight you want. It’s a slow pace and I think slow is better than fast because otherwise you just gain it all back.  I can’t go with never eating bread again. You learn how to control portions or spread it out rather than eating it every day. And you’re held accountable. You get on the scale every week. I love that accountability.

I’ve gone to group meetings at The Lakes and now at our new administrative building in Pearland. You get a lot of good tips and members share where they go to get certain food items. There’s good camaraderie.

Have you succeeded in losing weight?

I lost on Weight Watchers and then got busy and stopped going. I regained 10 pounds. I told myself I worked too hard to lose the weight. I had to regain my focus. I went back to the meetings and have lost 6 of the 10 pounds I had regained.

How have you changed your eating habits?

I eat a lot more vegetables. I focus on lean protein. I only eat pasta or rice occasionally, and when I do, I go with whole wheat.  I’ve also cut out sodas and drink water instead. I try not to eat as many sweets and candies.

I never used to like yogurt but I’ve added it to my diet for the calcium.

What are you doing for exercise?

If I don’t walk or do some kind of exercise every day, I don’t feel right. I do something active at least six days.

I joined a cross-fit group and I walk every day on the trail at the office with a walking buddy who helps keep me accountable. I walk at Hermann Park with my sister. We challenge each other. I also take advantage of the free FitClub classes led by volunteer instructors at the office.

When coworkers ask you for advice, what do you say?

I tell them you have to have the mindset to lose weight. If you’re not willing to do the work that goes into losing weight, which includes better eating and exercise, you won’t succeed.

You have to have a support system. It’s so much harder without it. Also, you have to stick with it.

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