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Kyle Hood Kyle Hood

Kyle Hood, CPhT

“Small changes, one after another, will get you miles ahead of where you were.” - Kyle Hood, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician, Clear Lake Clinic (Bay Area Campus)

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Kyle Hood, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician, Clear Lake Clinic

October 2020

A couple of years ago, Kyle was overweight and eating for convenience rather than nutrition. His busy schedule didn’t allow him to do much meal preparation, so he lived on frozen meals and fast food. After a while, both his body and his bank account were hurting. Kyle made a series of small changes, including attending a boot camp and cooking healthy meals at home, and now he’s 60 pounds lighter.

What led you to this health journey?

I was not eating well. My schedule is very busy because I am also a student, and I just didn’t have time to make lunches or dinners, so I ate a bunch of frozen meals and fast food. After a while, both my bank account and my body were hurting, and I knew it was time to make some changes.

How did you begin?

I took small steps. First, I cut back on frozen pizzas, then the fresh pizzas. I said goodbye to the McDonald’s burgers … I just did things one piece at a time. I started working out with friends - It’s been lots of little changes over time that have led to a 60-pound weight loss.

What is your favorite exercise?

Three times a week I go to a boot camp program my friend introduced me to. The first time I tried it I got such a rush that I wanted to keep going back. It has become part social time and part workout routine. It’s what I do now … just like getting up and going to work. It’s a big part of my life these days.

Do you ever feel discouraged?

I can get discouraged when I compare myself to other people in the group who have been at it much longer than I have. It’s really about moving forward and doing better this week than you did last week.

How did you adjust your diet besides cutting down on the fast and frozen food?

I drink more water now – around 3 liters a day when previously I was drinking a lot of soda and energy drinks. I try to stay away from sugary stuff like cookies and eat more fruits and vegetables. Mainly, everything in moderation. I eat cake, just a smaller piece.

Since you’re also a student, how are you balancing your health goals with school and work?

I’m taking courses at San Jacinto College – South, and plan to complete a degree in either pharmacy or engineering. Balancing everything was tricky but coming up with a routine makes things easier. I devote weekdays to work, a couple of evenings to work out, and the rest of the time for studying. On Sundays, I try to rest, relax, and give myself a mental and physical break. Work, study, rest, repeat!

What do you do on your free time?

I play video games, and lately I’ve been getting into historical studies. I like seeing museums and things that expand my knowledge and personal interests.

What advice would you share to motivate someone else on a similar journey?

Take it in baby steps. If you try to make a lot of changes all at once you’ll get burned out or discouraged and go back to what you were doing. Small changes, one after another, will get you miles ahead of where you were.

Most importantly, surround yourself with people who support you and help you stay motivated.

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