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Jodi-Ann Bailey, MSN, RN, Berthelsen Main Campus

“At first, it was all about losing weight. Now, my priorities have shifted to being healthy and happy.” - Jodi-Ann Bailey

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Jodi-Ann Bailey

October 2018

Get to know yourself

Jodi-Ann Bailey discovered you have to change your attitude before you can change your body.

When Jodi-Ann Bailey decided she needed to lose weight, she first took a good look inside to analyze the emotional reasons she overate. Then she got moving. She learned she’s crazy about Zumba and recently became an instructor. Jodi-Ann is super-organized, planning her week’s workouts and prepping meals every Sunday. She has lost over 80 pounds and feels the transformation inside and out.

When did you realize it was time for a change?

I’ve always been on the heavier side. But in 2016, I found I was having difficultly breathing and walking and realized I couldn’t do the simplest things I used to be able to do.

What was your first step?

I sat down and asked myself, “What is the reason I’m overeating?” I took a good look inside and found out what my triggers and stressors are and what motivates me to eat too much. That’s why I tell people that while they see a physical change, it’s really a mental change.

What did you find out?

I’m an emotional eater. Any emotion – happiness, sadness, stress. If I’m happy, I want my favorite ice cream and I eat when I’m overwhelmed.

What did you do?

First, I got a personal trainer for seven months, and then I tried boot camp. I learned that was really not for me because I would rather do things on my own. Then, I started Zumba and discovered I love it. I do it five days a week and even substitute as an instructor.

How have your organizational skills helped you get healthier?

I carry a planner at all times. Life happens, but when I realized working out is a priority, I started scheduling it in. On Sunday, I plan my workouts for the week and meal prep for the week. Planning helps me feel more prepared and like I’m in control.

What’s your diet approach?

I’ve tried cutting out things and calorie counting, but none of it worked for me. I try to just be mindful of what I put in my mouth. I looked at what I like to eat and figured out healthier options. I’ve cut out sodas because I can replace those empty calories with more-nutritious food I like.

What’s a typical day look like?

I’m a creature of habit and pretty consistent with what I eat. Breakfast is oatmeal with fruit or an egg-white omelet with spinach. Lunch and dinner are similar: protein, starch, veggie. I love chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I love wings! I still let myself indulge in them occasionally, but instead of getting 10 wings, fries, and soda, I’ll just have six wings.

What goals are you working toward now?

At first, it was all about losing weight. Now, my priorities have shifted to being healthy and happy. I’m trying to stay in touch with those triggers. I’ve gotten rid of the scales and am now focused on inches and building muscle and toning. I’m pretty disciplined and have in my head what I want to accomplish.

What’s your advice to others who want to get in shape?

My biggest advice is to be consistent. Persevere through the difficult times. Before, if it didn’t work in two weeks, I was done. Pay attention to the mental side and focus on your goals.

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