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Claudette Alvarez-Peschke Claudette Alvarez-Peschke

Claudette Alvarez-Peschke, PharmD

“My newest thing has been boxing. I’m now obsessed with it, and boxing has become a great stress reliever for me.” - Claudette Alvarez-Peschke, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Meyerland Plaza Clinic

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Claudette Alvarez-Peschke, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Meyerland Plaza Clinic

June 2020

Claudette’s love of spinning led her to become a spin instructor, and she now invites friends and coworkers to join her in the exercise she has loved since 2003. She incorporates healthy living into her daily schedule and throughout life’s ups and downs. If she’s stressed, she goes to the gym to do some boxing, and for her last birthday celebration, she and her friends ran a 5K and followed it up with a birthday brunch.

Tell me about your health and fitness journey.

I love working out – it’s my stress relief. I’ve been spinning since 2003, so I decided to become a spin instructor. There was a training process that took a few months, and then you teach some “mock” classes that you have to pass. After that, you take a new instructor class, which you also have to pass. Now I teach at Define Bellaire twice a week!

Are there any other forms of exercise you like to do in addition to spinning?

My newest thing has been boxing. I’m now obsessed with it, and boxing has become a great stress reliever for me. I take boxing with Lou Savarese at his boxing gym three or four days per week. Lou boxed against George Foreman and Mike Tyson!

Are there any fitness or health goals you were trying to reach?

I’ve always tried to keep up my health and fitness as much as possible, but I was feeling a little heavier than normal a few months ago. That is when I really just started eating a low carb diet. I wanted to drop a few pounds and feel leaner. I also amped up my workouts.

How do you encourage those around you?

I do try to motivate my coworkers as much as possible. I invite everyone to work out with me at least once, at any of the places where I work out. I taught a free spinning class for nurses during nurses’ week, so that was fun. Last year I tried to do a 5K every month, and for my birthday I invited my coworkers and friends to run a 5K with me, and then we went out to brunch afterward.

Do you do anything specific in terms of what you eat?

Yes – I definitely think portion control is the most important thing I do. I don’t think restricting yourself is successful in the long term, but I believe in portion control and trying to limit carbs and sugar as much as possible. Generally, I try to keep a healthy diet, which for me is generally low carb.  

What is your guilty pleasure?

My weakness is cupcakes and donuts – specifically Duck Donuts. They are fresh, made-to-order cake donuts and they are amazing!

What about your go-to healthy meal?

I love a good steak and broccoli or asparagus. Really, any type of protein with broccoli or asparagus. Oh, and a wedge salad! I usually can go home for lunch, so I’ll have leftovers or I’ll pick up a salad or take it home. I try to keep it light – I need my brain on point all day.

How do you relax?

I hang out by the pool, lay out, and soak up the sun. I like being with my friends and watching TV.

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