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Cindy Holoman Cindy Holoman

Cindy Holoman, RVT, RDMS, RTR, Ultrasound Lead Technologist, Berthelsen Main Campus

“Stick to your plan and don’t give up. Go by the way your clothes feel, and don’t be a slave to the scale. Be sure to celebrate your victories.” - Cindy Holoman

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Cindy Holoman

April 2018

Work on making it fun

Cindy Holoman leads an after-work exercise class in the parking garage.

When Cindy Holoman decided to lose weight, she brought together a group of coworkers to walk after work. Soon she was teaching herself high-intensity interval and tabata training techniques, and leading her colleagues in customized workouts in a quiet corner of the parking garage several times a week. Weight Watchers® has helped her rethink her diet. In six months, she’s lost 50 lbs and is no longer prediabetic.

Last year, at your annual check-up, you found out you were prediabetic. How did you react?

It lit a fire under me. I decided to change my lifestyle. I’ve always struggled with my weight going up and down, but I was at my highest weight ever.

What was your first step?

The first month after I decided to make some changes, I was on my own, just watching what I ate and drinking green smoothies. Then I joined Weight Watchers, which helped me make a structured eating plan, so I wasn’t just winging it. But as you get older, the weight just doesn’t fall off like it used to even if you’re eating healthy. So I knew I needed to ramp up my exercise.

How did you tackle that?

Some coworkers and I started walking after work two or three times a week for 20 minutes or so. That was good for a while, but I needed more. Then I started reading up on high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

What did that lead to?

We all needed to lose some weight and said, “Let’s just try this on our own.” So we found a quiet corner of the parking garage for after-work workouts. I get ideas from YouTube, Instagram and videos, and classes are different every time. I’ve really become knowledgeable about it.  I lead most of the classes, but others step up when I’m not there.

Has it been a success?

The class has grown from two people to eight. Most of us do the class three times a week and help motivate each other. Everyone is dropping inches, and we all feel better.

How does the class work?

After work, we drive to the third floor of the parking garage with our mats and dumbbells. It feels great when you’re finished because you don’t have to stop at the gym on the way home.

How has your diet changed?

I’m eating less, cutting back on carbs and fat, and making healthier choices. With Weight Watchers, you have some leeway. For instance, if you want to have chips or ice cream, you can if you make adjustments elsewhere.

What are you eating these days?

I meal prep every Sunday, so it’s all planned and ready. For most meals, I try to have protein, veggies, and just a few carbs. Breakfast is egg whites with some spinach and bell pepper, or a green smoothie made with spinach, banana, chocolate, and peanut butter powder. Lunch and dinner are chicken or fish with salad and maybe a sweet potato.

Are you reaching your goals?

I’d like to lose about 30 more pounds and make my diet more balanced. Also, I want to be able to maintain my weight loss.

Do you have pointers for others?

Stick to your plan and don’t give up. Go by the way your clothes feel, and don’t be a slave to the scale. Be sure to celebrate your victories.

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