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Chelsea Reeves Chelsea Reeves

Chelsea Reeves

“My biggest hurdle was time. Because I am a single mom who works full time, finding time to go to the gym or a way to work out could be a challenge.” - Chelsea Reeves, Ambulatory Services Representative III, Pearland Clinic

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Chelsea Reeves, Ambulatory Services Representative III, Pearland Clinic

September 2020

Chelsea used to run half marathons, weight lift, and even participate in body building competitions before having her son. After giving birth, she worked with a personal trainer to help her lose some of the weight she gained during the pregnancy. Through this process, she got back into some of the healthy activities she used to enjoy. Now she is on a continued mission to stay fit and energized so she can keep up with her active 2-year-old.

Why did you decide to improve your health and wellness?

I had my son two years ago, and earlier this year I joined a gym and started working with a personal trainer for a mommy makeover. It was a 12-week program and there were about 30 of us in the program. In addition, I started a meal prep plan … with these methods I’ve lost around 30 pounds.

What specifically did you do?

I trained three to four days a week, and I had a meal plan that I stuck to. We did weigh-ins every Friday and we would take progress pictures so I could see the difference my fitness activities were making to my body. I used to body build years ago, but I needed the trainer to get me going. In addition, I used to run marathons, so I started running again. That is pretty much what worked for me.

Since you were a marathoner and body builder before, was it easy for you to get back into the habit of exercising?

No, it was so difficult! It was as though I had never worked out in my life! The cardio – even walking on a treadmill was so hard for me. We started with light weights – three to five pounds. Within a couple of weeks I became stronger, and eventually I think my body started remembering that I used to do this regularly, so it got easier. I did lose all the weight I needed to, and now I am working on building muscle without the help of the trainer.

How did you change your diet?

I don’t buy junk food anymore and I eat three to four times per day. I don’t really eat fast food – except for once a week on Fridays I eat Chick-fil-A! My favorite food is a breakfast item … I make egg white omelets in a cupcake tray and eat them with picante sauce. My go-to snack is a rice cake with peanut butter.

How do you balance your fitness regimen with raising your son and a full time job?

It’s hard. I’m a single mom, so on Saturdays I buy all my groceries and Sunday mornings I wake up and I start preparing my meals. It can be difficult having a toddler. Since it’s just him and me, he wants my attention – but I’ve learned to do it really quickly.

What is your favorite form of exercise?

Squats. I also love to lift heavy, heavy weight by doing deadlifts. It’s similar to when I used to do bikini competitions as a body builder.

What hurdles did you have to get over as you went on this fitness journey and how did you overcome them?

My biggest hurdle was time. Because I am a single mom who works full time, finding time to go to the gym or a way to work out could be a challenge. Also, it was hard doing regular things like going to birthday parties or family functions and seeing everyone eating cake and barbecue, and I was just sitting there with my healthy meal. But I overcame that because I was seeing results and people were also commenting about how my body was changing. That kept me motivated.

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