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Angela Garcia Angela Garcia

Angela Garcia, Ophthalmology tech, Spring MDC

“I want to continue seeing my body change every day and be in the best health ever. And I want to help others reach their fitness goals” - Angela Garcia

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Angela Garcia

September 2018

Keep your eye on the prize

After turning her health around, Angela Garcia is on a mission to help others do the same.

Thanks to hard work and a good trainer, Angela Garcia learned what to eat and how to work out. As a result, she lost 85 pounds. Recently, she won 1st place in a bodybuilding transformation contest, and she is training for another competition. Angela’s goal is to become a personal trainer, sharing her experience with others, especially people struggling with diabetes.

Four years ago, you were the heaviest you’ve ever been and decided to do something about it. What was your first step?
I started walking at a track just to clear my mind. I began to notice I was feeling better and losing weight without really trying. I said, “Hey, what’s going on? I like this.”

What was next?

I started slowly, just takingaway junk food, sodas, chips, and fries. I joined a gym, but decided I needed help and got a trainer. I worked with him for four years, and he showed me how to eat and train in bodybuilding competitions.

What type of workout do you do?

I work out every day for at least an hour, maybe two. Every day I target a different part of my body – triceps, legs, and shoulders. I do weights and cardio every day.

What have you done that you thought you could never do?

Last year, I was in a before-and-after transformation competition. I won first place in Houston. There were real struggles during my journey, but my trainer kept pushing me. I want to do another competition to show people with health issues they can do it, too.
How do you keep going strong?

A lot of people quit when they don’t see improvement. It helps if you set small goals and treat yourself when you reach them. I set a new goal every holiday.
A big part of my motivation is wanting my body to look its best. I ask, “How far can my body go? How much can these muscles tighten?”
What’s in the future for you?

I want to continue seeing my body change every day and be in the best health ever. And I want to help others reach their fitness goals.
In what ways can you do that?

I want to be a personal trainer and help other people, especially those struggling with diabetes issues. My dad passed away from diabetes, and at one point I was afraid I was headed there, but I turned my life around. I can understand their struggles and understand what it means to be overweight and out of shape.

What are your diet challenges?

My family goes out to dinner every Friday night, and that’s hard. My weakness is cheese.

What is your diet now?

I eat a really strict diet because I’m training. Basically, I eat six small meals a day. Breakfast is a tortilla and egg whites. Lunch is turkey breast, avocado, lettuce and tomato, and a tortilla. Dinner is chicken and veggie. I don’t eat bread, but I can have sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal. 

What’s your advice?

It’s hard to give advice because every person is different. What motivates you and what do you want to accomplish? Look at your vision and ask yourself if you want to continue living like this as you get older.

Get a picture of yourself when you looked good and remind yourself you can do it. Don’t let anybody put you down.

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