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Chris Lallo: Executive Health Testimonial

“I think for any busy professional, the Executive Health Program makes a lot of sense” - Chris Lallo
"I think for any busy professional, the Executive Health Program makes a lot of sense."

Specializing in Personalized Service for Busy Executives

Chris Lallo

As a partner in Ernst & Young Transaction and Advisory Services, Chris Lallo is a busy professional endeavoring to create economic value for his clients by strategically managing their transactions. He is often off to the East Coast or London for his company as well as holding down his high-performance job in Houston – all the while striving to achieve the best capital performance and optimum value for his stakeholders.

Yes, his job is rewarding, but stressful. And stress can take a toll on a person’s health and wellbeing.

As a family man with young children, Chris understands the importance of addressing his health concerns while still managing his job at a high level of efficiency.

This is why he chose Kelsey-Seybold’s Executive Health Program. He decided it was the best choice to help take care of his health, his work and his family.

Referring to his professional situation: “When you’re a busy professional and constantly on the go, time is effectively your most valuable commodity,” he said.

Referring to the Executive Health Program: “From the moment that I called to talk about setting up the first executive physical, you could tell they catered to busy people with busy schedules and were very sensitive to schedule things that worked for me,” he said. “Executive Health really seemed to value my time.”

Kelsey-Seybold’s Executive Health Program provides a thorough medical assessment

“At Kelsey-Seybold, we have our Executive Health Assessment Program that provides male and female executives with comprehensive, personalized health screenings," says Robert (Rob) Dickinson, a board-certified physician specializing in Executive Health at Kelsey-Seybold. “We've streamlined the testing and procedures that ordinarily take several appointments into a single visit."

Dr. Dickinson was able to give Chris the checkup he needed along with lifestyle recommendations to help deal with the psychological burdens of Chris’ fast-paced job.

“I think Chris is a typical patient that I see. A lot of travel, a lot of stress,” Dr. Dickinson says. “He was interested in coming in and getting a quick assessment of his health and also wanted some help in dealing with some of the stress related to being a high-performing individual.”

Chris whole-heartedly agreed.

“There’s a level of professionalism that exists there that you don’t tend to see at other doctor’s offices – and it really extends all the way from Dr. Dickinson down to the receptionist,” Chris said.

The one-stop Executive Health checkup typically includes laboratory tests, chest X-rays, mammograms or prostate exams and exercise stress tests.

“We do a very thorough assessment of the patient’s health,” Dr. Dickinson said. “We get their blood work; their check X-ray; their EKG; complete blood count; their chemistries, which include kidney and liver function; we do your cholesterol-lipid profiles – we check a lot of things and [the results] are generally all available on the day of the visit.”

The Executive Health Assessment doesn’t stop with the lab tests.

When the medical exam and lab test were over, Dr. Dickson sat down for some one-on-one counseling with Chris.

“We probably spent at least an hour talking about my medical history, my family,” Chris said. “I really got the sense that Dr. Dickinson wanted to invest the time to have a baseline knowledge of my medical history and my family’s medical history.”

Dr. Dickinson says a patient can look forward to spending 45 minutes to an hour for counseling about lifestyle modifications a patient should make to help control stress levels and ultimately stay in better health for the long haul of life.

“I think for any busy professional, the Executive Health Program makes a lot of sense,” Chris concludes.

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