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Small, thin device is implanted under the skin and releases hormones that prevent pregnancy.

NEXPLANON is a relatively new form of birth control that lasts up to three years and is up to 99 percent effective. It’s a small, thin device that’s implanted in the skin of the inner, upper arm. The implant releases hormones that prevent pregnancy into the bloodstream in a steady, low dose.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

During the NEXPLANON insertion procedure, the skin on your upper arm is numbed. An applicator guides the device under the skin. Once the implant is inserted, the doctor will feel on the arm to ensure the device is correctly placed.

NEXPLANON insertion is minimally invasive, in-office procedure that usually takes less than 5 minutes. A small bandage will need to worn for three to five days.

The implant can easily be removed by a physician any time within the three-year period if pregnancy or a different type of birth control is desired.

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