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seasonal sniffles

Seasonal Sniffles

July 19, 2019

Wouldn’t it be lovely to breathe easy year round? Well, it might be possible if your allergies weren’t acting up

Responses may include irritated itchy eyes, stuffy nose and other nasal miseries, and in some cases, the allergies can progress to asthma.

Identifying the cause that triggers the allergy is necessary to address the condition. For example, prevalent pecan tree pollen in the spring can quickly stuff up the sinuses.

Defined as an altered immune response, or heightened sensitivity, to a usually harmless substance, allergies can cause interferences with sleep and general sense of well-being.

Avoidance is the first-line of defense. For instance, a patient allergic to dogs or cats should avoid contact.

For most allergens, however, avoidance isn’t a practical option, so some sufferers have to take medications, such as nasal sprays, eye drops or antihistamines, for symptomatic relief.

If necessary, allergy testing – usually on the patient’s skin – is conducted. For some patients, this progresses to treatment with allergy shots.

Those suffering repeated allergic reactions should see a qualified allergist to discuss treatment options.

Dr. Adesina from Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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