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Mike Greer Mike Greer

Wheels Up, Stress Down

“Skateboarding has helped my mental health. It’s my therapy; it’s my release. Plus, it keeps me in shape.” – Mike Greer

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Mike Greer, Journeyman/Electrician, Berthelsen Main Campus

September 2022

Nearly every evening, Mike can be found at his local skate park – or even in his own garage – working on tricks on his skateboard. The father of three finds that skateboarding is a great way to relax and unwind after work. In addition, it helps him maintain his physical health since it is difficult to do complicated tricks when carrying extra weight.

How long have you been into skateboarding?

I picked it up initially when I was about 15 years old and have skateboarded on and off for years. But I was nearly 30 years old when I got really into it, and now I’m better than I’ve ever been!

When and where do you skate?

I have a mini ramp in my backyard, and there is a skate park about five minutes away from my house that I go to quite often. If it’s a rainy day, my garage is cleared out so I can skate in there. If I could skate inside my house, I would! Pretty much anywhere is my playground.

I usually start skating around 5 p.m. and skate until it’s dark. We have lights in the backyard so I can skate even later when I’m at home. Once I’m skating, I don’t realize how much time has passed.

What are your favorite tricks to perform?

Varial flip 50-50 180 out and the Impossible 50 ... basically my board flips and does a 180. I land both tricks on the ledge, then my body and board do a 180 degree flip back to the ground.

I enjoy the grind of it. You can try it 30 times, miss, and fall. But that one time you land it – it’s a great feeling!

How has skateboarding make you a healthier individual?

Skateboarding has helped my mental health. It’s my therapy; it’s my release. Plus, it keeps me in shape. It’s just a positive activity for me. There’s no age limit to it – I can do this for 30 more years. It’s my happy place! I was getting heavier, but skateboarding has balanced that out. You can’t be too heavy on the board.

How do you contribute to your workplace being healthier?

By jumping into the Kelsey-Seybold step challenges and other wellness activities. I’m always tying to get as many steps as I can – I’m serious about those and encourage my coworkers to participate as well. On a normal workday I take about 15,000 steps.

What other changes have you made to improve your health?

I drink more water – and I can definitely feel the difference in my body. I also used to be inside playing video games all day. Now, I’m outside much more. I have a circle of friends at the skate park, and I’m introducing my kids to skateboarding at home. It relaxes me and keeps me cool – at night I dream about what trick I am going to try next on my skateboard!

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