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Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan

​About the Be Well @ Shell Premier Prevention Wellness Checks and Shell Centers of Excellence

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5. If I join the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan, will I still be able to receive my Be Well @ Shell wellness check?

Of course! Participants in the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan can (and should!) continue to complete their annual wellness check as provided under the Be Well @ Shell Prevention Program. For details on wellness check options, see the Be Well @ Shell Prevention and Rewards Guide available at > Health and Insurance > Reference Library. To read more about the Premier Prevention Exam at Kelsey-Seybold, visit

6. Will I have access to MD Anderson and the Shell Centers of Excellence program for cancer care if I join the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan?

You have access to two nationally accredited cancer centers. Since Jan. 1, 2020, you  have access to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center through the Shell Centers of Excellence program for cancer care, MD Anderson Cancer Center Direct™, in addition to the nationally accredited Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center. Enrollment is required to receive 100% coverage for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

About cancer care at the nationally accredited Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center: National accreditation means that Kelsey-Seybold's Cancer Center meets and exceeds rigorous accreditation standards and compliance with nationally recognized treatment standards and guidelines by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). It means that cancer care is delivered according to the latest validated, evidence-based guidelines for effective treatment. Kelsey-Seybold has received the prestigious national certification of the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certification Program, an affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). ASCO is the world's leading professional organization for physicians and Oncology professionals caring for people with cancer. The QOPI® Certification Program (QCP) certifies Hematology/Oncology practices that meet the highest quality criteria for cancer care.  To learn more about the nationally accredited Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center, visit

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