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What to Expect at Your Visit

When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by your Motiva Kelsey-Seybold Executive Physical Concierge who will guide you to and from your examination, testing, and nutrition consultation. As part of your examination, you can expect:

Your personal Concierge to assist you throughout your visit.

  • A comprehensive physical exam, with same-day test results on most medical tests, and plenty of time to review your results and discuss questions and concerns with your physician.
  • A consultation with a dietitian who will help you address and identify improved ways to better nutrition.
  • A personalized health summary, which includes your Know Your Number® report, and a detailed Comprehensive Prevention Exam Results and Recommendations Report from your Kelsey-Seybold physician.
  • Free parking at nine Kelsey-Seybold locations and several options for parking at our Downtown Clinic location.
  • Registration for MyKelseyOnline, which offers secure online access to portions of your medical record, most test results, email communication with your doctor’s office, and online appointment scheduling.
  • Personalized assistance in getting connected with ongoing health coaching programs sponsored by The Motiva Kelsey-Seybold Executive Physical.
  • The option to select your Kelsey-Seybold physician to be your primary care physician.

Need Help? Contact Us!

Email us and one of our representatives will be in touch within one business day.  Call us if you have questions or need assistance.