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Day of Visit Itinerary

The Motiva Kelsey-Seybold Executive Physical is an excellent start on the road to better health. Not only was it created to accommodate busy and hectic schedules, but it also provides ample time for you to discuss your health goals, concerns, and results with your physician. By allocating just four hours to focus on your health, you are taking the right steps to BE THERE for your friends and family.

Your itinerary on the day of your visit includes:

  • Meet your Concierge at the designated area indicated in your welcome letter.
  • Laboratory blood draw.
  • Healthy snack after blood work is complete.
  • Audio and vision screening.
  • Cardiovascular testing.
  • Comprehensive physical examination with your physician and same-day results for most tests.
  • One-to-one consultation with your physician about results and health goals.
  • Meet with a dietitian for nutrition counseling.
  • Meet with your Concierge to identify any next steps.
  • Depart from Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.

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