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Diabetes Care

​​​​​​​​​​Diabetes Care Video Gallery

Dr. Vinita Bhagia is an Endocrinology doctor providing care for her patients in Houston at Kelsey-Seybold.
Getting started with managing diabetes is the first hurdle to clear. Believe it or not, there are several simple lifestyle changes you can make that could have a huge payoff. Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Victor Simms, Dr. Stephen Thomas, Dr. Linda Ly, and Certified Diabetes Educator Ann Young offer their tips.
Diabetes has the potential to affect every blood vessel within the body. Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Victor Simms, Dr. Linda Ly, and Dr. Stephen Thomas have seen close up what happens when diabetes isn’t well managed.
Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Stephen Thomas shares his experience with prediabetes and his approach to managing his condition. He’ll walk you through what he did that enabled him to bring his blood sugar levels back to a healthy range and avoid the progression into diabetes.
What you do or don’t do after learning you have diabetes affects not just you, but your entire family. Kelsey-Seybold’s Dr. Linda Ly explains the importance of taking diabetes seriously and why you can’t let your guard down when it comes to managing this disease.
Barbara Ives tried to manage her diabetes. She’d do OK for a while and then gradually slide back into old habits. When it was recommended she see a Kelsey-Seybold endocrinologist, diabetes educator, and registered dietitian, she hoped it would help make a difference. And it sure did. Here’s her story.
John Ray, like family members before him, has Type 2 diabetes. He witnessed one family member after another struggle with devastating complications: amputation, blindness, neuropathy, heart disease, and death. But it took his diabetic brother’s hospitalization for John to get serious about diabetes. Here’s his story.
Dr. Desiree Thomas, Neurologist at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, discusses the relation between diabetes and neuropathy and some tips for prevention.
Dr. Ly goes over what diabetes is, how to manage it and what you should be doing with it.
RD Ronda Elsenbrook explains what foods you should include in your diabetic diet, and what exercises you should be doing to manage your diabetes.
Ann Young, RN, CDE, is a Certified Diabetes Educator and cares for her patients at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston, Texas.
Susan Johnson, MBA, BSN, CDE, is a Certified Diabetes Educator and cares for her patients at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston, Texas.
Registered Dietitian, Humaira Maqbool, reviews which foods you should and should not include in a Diabetic diet.
Registered Dietitian Ronda Elsenbrook, gives tips and advice on how to eat out if you have Diabetes.
Kelsey-Seybold physician, Tom Thomas, D.O. talks about the new insulins and diabetic treatments available for diabetic patients.
Dr. Steffanie Campbell gives 6 tips to help diabetics eat over the holidays. Dr. Campbell's bio:
Dr. Mouzoon explains the importance of the flu vaccine for diabetics. Dr. Mouzoon's bio:
Dr. Patrick Carter, Chief of Family Medicine, gives tips on how to help control diabetes. Dr. Carter's Bio:
Kelsey-Seybold Certified Diabetes Educator, Ann Young RN CDE, explains how to use a glucose monitor and what numbers to look out for.
Kelsey-Seybold Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Victor Simms explains exactly what diabetes is. Dr. Simms also outlines some helpful prevention tips and treatment options.
Family Medicine Physician Dr. Christine Le discusses the importance of diabetic foot care.
Houston dietitian Ali Miller explains why diabetics should be watching their carbohydrates and why. She discusses what exactly each ingredient can do to a diabetics blood sugar level and what the better choices are when eating out.
Houston Chef Monica Pope of Sparrow Bar+Cookshop and dietitian Ali Miller discuss what terms diabetics should avoid on a restaurant menu and what the better alternatives are.
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When longtime Kelsey-Seybold patient Leallia King was diagnosed with diabetes, her doctor, Chief of Family Medicine Patrick Carter, M.D. helped her manage her treatment, resulting in favorable results in her care. Certification through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), is achieved as the result of a comprehensive, individualized review process that verifies a physician's adherence to national standards of excellence in caring for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Of the more than 100 physicians in Texas who have earned NCQA certification, Kelsey-Seybold's 72 doctors represent the most for any health care provider in the state.



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