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Thanksgiving for People with Diabetes

Thanksgiving meals usually have ingredients high in calories, sugar, and carbohydrates, which may be harmful to your diabetes management plan

As you prepare for the holidays, here are some helpful tips in managing diabetes on this food-focused day: 
  • Don’t go to the Thanksgiving feast hungry. Avoid skipping meals by eating a wholesome breakfast and lunch to prevent excessive eating at dinner.
  • Watch your portions. Take very small portions of several dishes. This allows you to sample a little bit of everything – even dessert!
  • Easy on the desserts. If you must have desserts, try sugar-free cakes and pies to satisfy your sweet tooth. This will help minimize your sugar intake.
  • Get active! The best way to compensate for eating more than usual is to be active. Start a new tradition with the family by taking a walk after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Above all, enjoy the holidays and remember that it’s not only about food, but more importantly, it’s about spending quality time with family and friends.​