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Karen Sims

How rhinoplasty restored Karen's self-confidence and happiness.

Dr. Jamal Bullocks performed rhinoplasty – plastic surgery on the nose – and successfully improved the shape of Karen Sims’s nose.

A few years ago, Karen Sims was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a fractured nose as well as other injuries. She had outpatient surgery to try and correct the fracture and the post-accident shape of her nose. Because a more-invasive surgery was needed, she was referred to another doctor.

After an examination, the doctor she was referred to was sure she would need medical services he didn't offer. Karen worried she might never find a doctor who would be able to help her.

“But then I was told that Dr. Jamal Bullocks at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic was excellent and if anyone could perform the surgery I needed successfully it would be him,” she recalled.

Although understandably apprehensive at first, Karen made an appointment to meet with this highly recommended plastic surgeon, Dr. Bullocks.

Happy to Have Found Dr. Bullocks

“By the time I had gotten to Dr. Bullocks's office, I was very worried and didn't know whether he would be able to help me or not,” Karen recalled. “My mind was changed when I met him for first time. I started to feel a hopeful.”

Karen remembers that Dr. Bullocks had such a positive aura and made her feel her surgery would be “a piece of cake.”

“He was very knowledgeable and understanding and was confident that my nose would look as good as new, if not better,” she said. “His staff was professional and so personable. They made me feel really comfortable pre- and post-surgery.”

Karen’s surgery was performed with general anesthesia on a one-day outpatient basis at a local hospital. After the procedure, plastic splints were placed inside Karen’s nose and remained there for two weeks to hold her reshaped nose in place. She was carefully monitored until she safely recovered from the anesthesia and was driven home.

Karen’s Thoughts Today

“I love Dr. Bullocks’s work! Before I saw him, I wasn't feeling very good about myself,” she said. ”He increased my self-confidence and overall happiness. I can't thank him enough for giving me the confidence to step back into life again.”