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Premier Partner Hospitals

Your health benefits plan gives you access to top hospitals.

When you select the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan, you are exclusively selecting Kelsey-Seybold physicians and Kelsey-Seybold Affiliate Specialists to coordinate and deliver your care and treatment. Kelsey-Seybold physicians are changing the way health cares – with local, regional, and national recognition for medical excellence.

Your Kelsey-Seybold physicians will coordinate your healthcare and engage specialist physicians, both at Kelsey-Seybold and with other well-respected organizations. Kelsey-Seybold has long-term relationships with such premier hospitals as CHI St. Luke’s Health, the Texas Heart Institute, Texas Children’s Hospital, HCA Woman’s Hospital, HCA Clear Lake Regional, and select Houston Methodist Hospitals and Memorial Hermann facilities. You would receive a referral from your Kelsey-Seybold physician to see an affiliate specialist physician. Your hospital care will be coordinated by Kelsey-Seybold physicians and, potentially, affiliate specialists depending on your particular healthcare needs. To aid in care coordination, your healthcare providers can access your confidential Kelsey-Seybold medical record during treatment.

Kelsey-Seybold delivers comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment through the nationally-accredited Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center. in coordination with CHI St. Luke's Cancer Center. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is available as part of the affiliate referral network for complex cancer cases.

The bottom line: You can rely on your Kelsey-Seybold physicians to refer you to high-quality specialists, both within Kelsey-Seybold and in the community. Kelsey-Seybold's goal is high-quality healthcare delivery and personalized attention to you.

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