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Quality, Convenience,​ and Value

It’s what you get with the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan.

The Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan is a comprehensive health plan offering medical care delivered and coordinated by highly regarded Kelsey-Seybold Clinic physicians. High-quality care and better care coordination mean savings for you and your family.

In the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan, your doctors focus on you – on improving your health, on identifying diseases early, and working effectively as a team to care for you when diseases are identified.

As a plan member, you have access to 850+ Kelsey-Seybold physicians in 65 medical specialties at  convenient locations throughout the Greater Houston area. You can see any Kelsey-Seybold physician at any location with no referral required, and your secure electronic medical record will follow you wherever you go.

You also have access to 4,000 high-quality affiliate specialists available by referral from your Kelsey-Seybold doctor. This includes physicians at CHI St. Luke’s Health, the Texas Heart Institute, select Houston Methodist Hospitals and Memorial Hermann facilities, Texas Children’s Hospital, and many others.

You‘ll also enjoy the concierge level of service available exclusively for Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan members, as well as many other benefits and conveniences.


24/7 conveniences make it easy to connect with us whenever you want.

Convenient  Access

High-quality medical care available outside of regular clinic hours.

 Premier Partner Hospitals 

Your health benefits plan gives you access to top hospitals.