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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about 100% Coverage for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

  1. What are my options for quality cancer care? Do I have access to MD Anderson?
    You have access to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center through the Shell Centers of Excellence program for cancer care, MD Anderson Cancer Center Direct™, in addition to the nationally accredited Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center. Enrollment is required to receive 100% coverage for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

  2. How can I make sure that I receive 100% coverage?
    In order to receive cancer benefits at 100% coverage, you must enroll by calling the Kelsey-Seybold Concierge Team at 1-844-729-1219.

  3. I am currently under cancer treatment, but not at Kelsey-Seybold. Will I be able to continue with my current treatment and current providers if I join the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan?
    Every patient's individual diagnosis and treatment plan is evaluated with the goal of delivering care that is in the patient's long-term best interests. Once enrolled in the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan, you will need to complete a Transition of Care form and Kelsey-Seybold will work with your current treating physician to transition your care into a Kelsey-Seybold care team. Patient care, continuity, and safety are paramount in this process. The Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center is nationally accredited, meaning its doctors and staff follow national treatment guidelines which are considered the Standard of Care for cancer treatment.

  4. Do I have to meet my deductible before the 100% coverage takes effect?
    No. You do not have to meet a deductible, but enrollment is required to receive 100% coverage. The 100% coverage is available on the first day of coverage, with no deductibles or payment needed. To enroll, call the Kelsey-Seybold Concierge Team at 1-844-729-1219.

  5. As a member of the Kelsey-Seybold Greater Houston Plan, can I refer myself to cancer centers other than the Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center?
    No, there is no coverage for self-referrals to other cancer centers or oncologists which have not been arranged and approved by your Kelsey-Seybold physician.

  6. How can I find out more about the Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center?
    To learn more about the Kelsey-Seybold Cancer Center, visit

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