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Be Well @ Shell Kelsey-Seybold Health Plan

​​​​It’s Not an Emergency But Still Urgent

Get immediate treatment for minor and urgent illnesses and injuries.

Under the Be Well @ Shell Kelsey-Seybold Health Plan, you have access to the Cigna Urgent Care Network.
Do​wn​load a PDF for information about participating urgent care centers. 

Urgent care centers can handle many non-life-threatening conditions such as a high fever, abdominal pains, earache, insect bites, minor cuts requiring stitches, minor burns, muscle spasms, asthma attacks, rashes, and urinary tract and pelvic infections. And because urgent care centers have X-ray capability, they can treat simple fractures and sprains.

In non-emergency situations, it’s usually best to go to your Kelsey-Seybold primary care doctor. They know you and your health history and have access to your electronic medical record. But if you need urgent care, choose from any of the plan-approved locations across the Greater Houston area.

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