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The Motiva Kelsey-Seybold Executive Physical


Clear Lake Clinic

Dr. Ben​afsha Irani

Dr. Oliver Wu

New Cypress

Dr. Christina Klemme

Dr. Sahil Parikh

Downtown at The Shops

Dr. Puja Sehgal

Dr. Kenneth Kennedy


Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center

Dr. Cecilia Lowder

Dr. Irma Pfister

Dr. Sheba Poulose

Dr. Elmira Hansen


Katy Clinic

Dr. Rahim Haikal


Dr. Abby Sokunbi


Kingwood Clinic

Dr. Cory Bui

Dr. Cory Bui


Dr. Bazgha Khalid

Main Campus

Dr. Isabel Garcia

Dr. Lisa Hauser



Dr. Jaime Chavarria

Dr. Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Sheldon Gaines



Dr. Steffanie Campbell

Dr. Cherice Conley-Harvey


Spring Medical and Diagnostic Center

Dr. Zakia Nuruddin

Dr. Robert Turner


Summer Creek Clinic

Dr. Thuyminh Nguyen

The Vintage

Dr. Gurjit Kaur

Dr. Shelley Li


West Grand Parkway

Dr. Molly Nakyonyi-Ntwatwa

Dr. Molly Nakyonyi-Ntwatwa

Dr. Chanda Chaudhuri

Dr. Chanda Chaudhuri


The Woodlands


Dr. Harjaneet Bedi

Tanglewood Clinic (Formerly West)​

Dr. Shane Magee

Dr. Toicha Vincent

Dr. Thomas Doneker


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