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Kidney Stone Center in Greater Houston, TX

Kelsey-Seybold Covers Treatment for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a distressing and agonizing medical issue that can lead to health complications or extreme pain. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic helps you make your first kidney stone your last at our comprehensive kidney stone center in Greater Houston, TX.

We have specialists with expertise in innovative and effective surgical and nonsurgical treatment solutions to prevent, treat, and remove kidney stones. You can develop a kidney stone at any time, so we make our center available throughout the week.

Our priority is providing you with lasting relief using treatment options tailored to your unique case. We work with you to help you live a stone-free and pain-free life.

About Our Kidney Stone Center in Greater Houston, TX

Kelsey-Seybold's kidney stone center has experts in metabolic studies, diagnostic evaluation, nonsurgical therapies, and surgical techniques. Our center is a leading medical care provider in the area, putting impressive urologists close to your home.

We have unbeatable experience in the urology field after treating countless patients dealing with kidney stones. With our special expertise, we can help people experiencing recurring kidney stones, those with medical conditions making kidney stones more likely, and complex cases like struvite or staghorn stones.

If your case calls for it, we consult with other medical specialists to customize your treatment plan to your symptoms, preferences, diagnosis, and overall health.

What Is a Kidney Stone & What Causes It?

A kidney stone is a hard deposit comprised of salts and minerals found in your urine. You can have a kidney stone as small as a grain of sand, or they can grow as large as a pearl or golf ball in extreme cases. A stone may also have smooth or jagged edges.

Many kidney stones can pass out of your body on their own because they're small enough, and you often won't notice them. However, a kidney stone can get too large or stuck in your urinary tract, such as in your bladder, ureter, or urethra. When a stone gets stuck, it can cause pain and block your urine flow. You're more likely to develop kidney stones after developing one, but Kelsey-Seybold can help you.

To start, here are some kidney stone causes to keep in mind:

  • Genetics
  • Obesity, gout, frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), high blood pressure, and other health conditions
  • Medications, including some migraine medications and laxatives
  • Dietary habits, such as not drinking enough water or eating too much animal protein or salty foods

When Should You See a Doctor?

Kelsey-Seybold's kidney stone center is a prime treatment option whenever you develop a kidney stone. We also have primary care, orthopedics, OB/GYN, and other medical services available to provide treatment for your entire family.

Problematic kidney stones can be intolerable, and the only way to resolve them is with professional medical intervention. You may experience excruciating pain if a kidney stone gets stuck in your urinary tract, but that's not the only symptom to watch for.

It would be best to seek our help if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Urge to urinate more often
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in your urine (hematuria)
  • Severe pain in groin area, lower back, or abdomen
  • Fever, chills, and burning sensation during urination

Medical Care for Small & Large Kidney Stones

Kidney stones come in various sizes and shapes, making them potentially difficult to deal with on your own. Kelsey-Seybold covers your treatment at our kidney stone center, no matter what your unique case may be. Our specialists diagnose, treat, and prevent all sizes of kidney stones.

Large or difficult kidney stones may require advanced treatments to resolve them, such as ureteroscopy, shock wave lithotripsy, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Using the latest urological techniques and technology, these treatments effectively break up and remove stones. If your kidney stone is small, we will help you pass it as comfortably as possible.

We may recommend the following options:

  • Flushing out the stone by drinking plenty of water
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Relaxing your ureter muscles to pass the stone using alpha-blocker medicines like Uroxatral or Flowmax

How to Prevent Kidney Stones in the Future

Nobody wants to deal with kidney stone surgery or pain more than once. Kelsey-Seybold's kidney stone center aims to treat your kidney stone and prevent another one from developing in the future.

Kidney stones can develop for years without you knowing; however, you're up to 50 percent more likely to have recurring kidney stones over the next five years after you've had one. Long-term prevention methods are an important step to avoiding recurrences.

Our doctors determine your stone's cause to help discover the reason your body formed it. We use this information to help you implement steps to prevent more kidney stones. Most kidney stones are diet-related, but here are some ways you can adapt your lifestyle to avoid kidney stones:

  • Follow a low-sodium diet
  • Eat less protein, especially animal protein
  • Drink at least two quarts of water every day
  • Try to lose weight if you are overweight

Schedule Treatment Today for Relief & Prevention

Kelsey-Seybold is ready to treat your kidney stone and relieve your pain and other symptoms at our kidney stone center. We treat every patient compassionately and apply extensive medical expertise to tailor treatment to their needs and medical details.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment whenever you experience any symptoms of a kidney stone.

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