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​Staged ACL Revision

This is also known as double-stage ACL revision reconstruction.

In the first stage of a double stage ACL revision, the old graft was removed. In addition, the old hardware was probably removed and the tunnels were bone grafted. Typically, surgeons will ​wait 3 - 6 months for the bone graft to incorporate. This is often confirmed with a CT scan prior to the second stage of the ACL reconstruction. If adequate incorporation has occurred and the patient has full motion and strength, the second stage is recommended.

In the second stage of the double-stage ACL revision, the ACL is reconstructed with a new graft. This graft can be autograft or allograft; however, the trend is to utilize allografts because of associated morbidity and surgical considerations. Your surgeon will further discuss the graft options at the preoperative setting.

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