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Jo Ann

"More than 2 1/2 years with limitations on my life style and activities, more than 2 1/2 years of severe pain, and more than 2 1/2 years of sleeping sitting up in a recliner, my fear of a 2nd shoulder surgery had finally ended."

"A complete shoulder reversal surgery was Dr. Shah's recommendation. Now 6 months after this surgery, the severe pain and sleeping sitting up in a recliner, is history. Yes, I have some limitations of my life style which I have adjusted to and some activities are no longer possible, However, I feel that my life has value again."

"Prior to my surgery, I decided, after more than 22 years of serving as a school board member, not to seek re-election. Having fellow board members, carry and lift those heavy school board packets from meeting to meeting had finally come to an end. Volunteer work is extremely important to me. Since surgery, the difference now is I am able to serve our ill and wounded military veterans at the Michael E. DeBakey VAMC."

"Dr. Shah's complete and through expectations for my recovery, helped with my surgery decision. His patience and sincere concern for my recovery and wellbeing through this process, which I am sure was changeling, was remarkable. His staff and the Kelsey Seybold employees made me feel as if I was FAMILY. All telephone calls and emails, were always answered promptly and completely. Does any patient understand the term "A Doctor's Great Bedside Manner" mean? Not by our choice, but too many of us know what the term "No or A Bad Bedside Manner" means. Dr. Shah could write articles in medical journals regarding this subject and how this can make a difference in the healing process after surgery. Faith and trust in Dr. Shah by his patients, is partly because of his "Bedside Manner. This is the complete process for the success of a great physician and surgeon. Thank you Dr. Shah."

Larry S.

"What can I say about how great a difference Dr. Shah has made in the comfort level of my life. I had been suffering with my right shoulder for years receiving steroid injections that really did not help, unable to sleep well without pain. Movement was very restricted in the right arm and shoulder. I was finally referred to Dr. Shah and after a quick exam I was very impressed with him. He sent me for an MRI and afterward explained to me that I had a torn rotator cuff that was an old injury and he would repair all that he was able. In the end 85 percent was repaired and 5 months later and 6 weeks of therapy I have full motion in the right shoulder with only moderate pain. What a blessing for a 76 year old man Dr. Shah has been. We praise the Lord that we found Kelsey Seybold, their great doctors including my excellent primary, Dr. Sobercha and our wonderful Dr. Shah."

Randy Reyes; 'Today I'm doing great, thanks to Dr. Shah'


Randy Reyes
Physician: Dr. Anup Shah
“Like a breath of fresh air,” is how Randy Reyes describes being treated for his ACL injury by Orthopedic Surgeon Anup Shah.

I’ve always consider myself to be an active person – a “weekend warrior” who enjoys staying active and participating in various activities such as sports leagues.

I was trying out for a spot on a team in a Houston-based baseball league. I jumped up to catch a fast-traveling line drive that got hit straight over my shortstop position. That’s when I heard a loud “pop” followed by some pretty intense pain in my right knee. I immediately knew that something wasn’t right.

Numbness and swelling soon set in. Then I noticed I had instability in my knee when I walked.

I went to see my primary care physician at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. After an examination, I was referred to Dr. Anup Shah, an Orthopedic surgeon, also with Kelsey-Seybold.

Dr. Shah made the diagnosis: I had a completely torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and a partial tear in my meniscus.

Like a breath of fresh air, Dr. Shah was personable, attentive and knowledgeable. He explained how the ACL helps protect the meniscus, your knee’s “shock absorber.” He said the most common cause of ACL rupture is a traumatic force being applied to the knee in a twisting moment. He said it usually occurs while side-stepping, pivoting or landing from a jump. This, of course, was exactly what happened to me.

He told me he enjoys treating athletes of all ages and helping them get back into their game after an injury and that this was one of the reasons he went into Orthopedics.

Dr. Shah explained how a torn ACL can cause your knee to give way or buckle during physical activity. I remember him telling me that I could essentially live without a repaired ACL, but that would limit my ability to stay active.

Dr. Shah told me that the ramifications injury went beyond sports. He said if I was planning on being a parent and having kids, there was the chance I couldn’t be very active with them – like chasing them around, teaching them sports and things like that.

I think this was the aspect that became my main concern – and became my deciding factor to have surgery and repair the injury. Suddenly, it became a no-brainer: I opted for surgery – and for Dr. Shah to do it.

The surgery went well. Dr. Shah took a piece of my hamstring and used it to reconstruct and reconnect my torn ACL.

He explained that if I wanted to get back to my pre-injury level, remain active and play baseball, softball and other activities, I would need to rehabilitate my knee.

After about two weeks post-op, I started rehabbing.

Today, I’m doing great. I’m on track to being active again. I know I’ll get back to my pre-injury level and reclaim the quality of life I had.

A New Shoulder and a New Lease on Life


Irma Meadows
Physician: Dr. Anup Shah
“You wouldn’t believe how good my shoulder is today! … I highly recommend Dr. Shah and Kelsey-Seybold.” 
– Irma Meadows

Irma Meadows, April 2014

Arthritis had settled into Irma Meadows left shoulder causing excruciating pain. An active, young 71 year old, she didn’t like that shoulder problems were putting limits on her lifestyle. A 30-years-plus patient at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, she decided the time had come to do something about it and underwent shoulder replacement. Because she did, she’s now back to enjoying time in the pool, traveling and socializing with friends.

“The pain in my shoulder had progressively worsened to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night unless I propped my left arm on a pillow. After a while, that didn’t even help anymore. The pain was so excruciating it would wake me up at night.”

Two coworkers at the city of Pearland told Irma they’d been under Dr. Anup Shah’s care and were impressed by him.

Dr. Shah Was the Surgeon She Wanted

She scheduled an appointment with Dr. Shah and after meeting him, knew he was the one she wanted to do her surgery.

“I had researched a couple of other doctors, but Dr. Shah just appealed to me. He took the time to explain to me what was going to happen – I felt very comfortable going to Dr. Shah,” she recalled.

Still, she was apprehensive about the surgery going in. Even though everything looked good, she was nervous.

“I was looking down at my hands and Dr. Shah came up to me and said, ‘Miss Meadows, look at me.’ And I looked up. He put his hands on my wrists and said, ‘Miss Meadows, I want you to trust me. You’re going to be perfectly fine and this is going to go perfectly well. Trust me because I’m going to take care of you.’ Those words were so comforting. I just felt in my heart he was going to make me a new person with a new shoulder,” Irma said.

The surgery lasted about five hours. Dr. Shah performed a total shoulder replacement. In the procedure, he cut the diseased bone, removed it, and inserted a metal implant and plastic component in place of the arthritic bone.

An ‘Awesome’ Surgeon

The surgery went as expected. When Irma came out of the anesthesia, for the first time in a long time she didn’t have any pain. She was surprised by how well and how quickly she healed. “You wouldn’t believe how good my shoulder is today! I feel like I have a new arm! It feels wonderful. I’m pain-free and sleep at night, and I’m back to a full range of motion,” Irma said. “I highly recommend Dr. Shah and Kelsey-Seybold. Dr. Shah is not only detail-oriented, but he’s mild-mannered. He has a good bedside manner. He was just wonderful the whole entire time. He’s kind and explains everything in detail. I just cannot say enough about Dr. Shah. He’s just awesome!”

Shoulder Success

Doris Widacki, March 2013

"I don’t know if you know how lucky you are to have Dr. Anup Shah on your staff.  He is amazing.  I have never had such a positive experience with a doctor in all my life. 

My daughter is actually his patient. When she first saw him, she was 17 and had a shoulder injury from high school wrestling.  He did a wonderful job on her surgery and recuperation and took a very personal interest in her success.   

He followed up with phone calls and when we had an appointment in the office was never in a rush to get us out.  He took all the time we needed to understand and feel good about the procedure and then the progress.  

Fortunately, she recovered and returned back to the sport in December. Once he released her, he called us after her first tournament.  He was not only interested in how her shoulder felt but also how she did in the tournament.  We dropped by during the holidays to show him her medals and he was beaming like a proud father.  

Unfortunately, she injured her knee in February. We visited Dr. Shah on Friday. He ordered an MRI which was scheduled on Monday morning.  She complete the MRI at 8:30 and by 10:30 Dr. Shah was on the phone with me going over the results.  

That is almost unheard of in today’s society.  He is so interested in her health and success I can’t even tell you how that makes us feel. AMAZING DOCTOR!!!!!!  Please don’t let him go anywhere. We hope we don’t have any more injuries but I know others will and his services cannot be beat.  I would highly recommend him to everyone."

A Thankful Road to Recovery

Frances Davenport Chubb, July 2012

"I fell in a restaurant by tripping over the front of my flip-flops. I grabbed for a rope that was not stationary and when I landed on the floor my left arm was extended.

When taken to the emergency room an X-ray revealed that I had 3 fractures in my shoulder. I came to Kelsey-Seybold Clinic the following day and saw an Orthopedic specialist.

He looked at the X-rays and decided I needed a second opinion. I made an appointment with Dr. Shah at my doctor's request. All this time my arm was immobile and hurt constantly.

When Dr. Shah examined the X-rays, he decided to let the fracture heal and then begin therapy for rehab, rather than surgery. I had to take pain medicine daily during these two months. 

Upon the next visit , the healing had progressed to the ability I could do some small exercises. I did all recommended exercises 3 times daily and also went to my Chiropractor for treatments 3 times a week.

Each visit with Dr. Shah showed progress and as of now (6 months later) I can reach over my head almost as high as the right arm. I still need to work on reaching behind and across. I am so thankful that there was no surgery as I feel it would have taken much longer to get to this point in my usage."  

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