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Scheduling a mammogram at Kelsey-Seybold is easy. Ask your primary care physician to schedule this important screening test for you, or call 713-442-1161, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

  • The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends annual breast screening starting at age 40 for most women. However, only your doctor can determine if this schedule is appropriate for you.
  • Schedule an annual well-woman exam by your primary care provider, gynecologist or OBGYN physician.
  • Perform regular breast self exams.

What is a mammogram?

  • It's a safe X-ray of the breast that can find irregularities within the breast tissue.
  • It's a precise screening tool – often finding lumps long before they can be felt by physical examination.
  • Regardless of your age, mammography evaluates specific problems in your breasts.

Who performs the test?

Mammograms are performed in the Radiology Department of Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Staffed by board-certified radiologists and technologists credentialed by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the department is in compliance with the Department of State Health Services and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines, and accredited by the American College of Radiology.

How do I prepare?

On the day of your appointment, do not wear any powder, perfume, deodorant or makeup. These products may affect the accuracy of your exam results.

What can I expect?

  • You will be asked to disrobe from the waist up and will be provided a robe.
  • To optimally image your breast tissue, firm compression of the breast is very important to reduce the thickness of the breast as well as distribute overlapping tissue. While some women find the necessary compression uncomfortable, the time the breast is compressed is brief.
  • The exam will include at least two X-ray pictures of each breast. The mammogram itself will only last about 15 minutes, but it’s best to allow about 30 minutes for the full procedure.

When will I get the results?

When your exams are complete, one of our radiologists will interpret the X-ray pictures. If you don’t receive your results within two weeks of the mammogram, call your doctor, who can discuss your results with you.

Don’t forget about well-woman exams

You should schedule a well-woman exam with your primary care provider, gynecologist or OBGYN. This appointment includes a breast exam, health maintenance evaluation, gynecological exam and Pap test. The well-woman exam along with self-breast examination are It is an important tool for maintaining your health.

Another key part of detecting breast cancer is to self-examine your breasts on a regular basis – because many cancers are found first by patients. Women 20 and older should conduct monthly self-exams. If you would like training on self-breast examination, ask the nurse during your well-woman appointment.

Important Information Regarding Your Mammogram Appointment

Health warning

If you have any reason to think that you may be pregnant, tell your doctor immediately so that he or she can advise you. Mammography is contra-indicated for pregnant females with very few exceptions that can only be determined by your doctor.

Bring your films!

If you've had mammograms at other locations, be sure to bring the films to your appointment! If the facility places your prior mammogram on a CD, it must be in DICOM format. By looking at your past mammogram, we can more accurately diagnose your breast health. A minor abnormality, for example, often can be diagnosed as normal if it has been stable for a year. So bring us your past mammograms – to prevent false alarms about breast cancer and eliminate unnecessary procedures.

Kelsey-Seybold does not provide child care

Note that children are not permitted in the X-ray room, nor in the waiting area if unsupervised. Please make arrangements for child care, or we may need to reschedule your examination.

Minors: Patients younger than age 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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