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Botox May Help Ease Shoulder Pain112211/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxBotox May Help Ease Shoulder PainI suffer from severe shoulder p​ain. I’ve heard that Botox can help. Is that true?Kelsey-Seybold Pain Management Chief, Dr. Ahmed Sewielam, discusses using Botox to relieve shoulder pain. Get help for your chronic pain.
Degrees of Danger Heat Stroke99511/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxDegrees of Danger: Heat StrokeHeatstroke is a serious condition that can lead to permanent disability or even death.Conditions of extreme heat can be hazardous and even life-threatening, which is why it is important to be aware of the most serious heat-related illness: heatstroke.
Generic Vs Brand Name Medications114011/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxGeneric Vs. Brand Name MedicationsAre generic drugs as effective as brand-name medications? Kelsey-Seybold Pharmacy Director Cathy Salinas, R.Ph discusses the quality of generic medications.
Healthy Living Page110511/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxDiabetes Is a Serious Health IssueThere’s a diabetes epidemic in America. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), an estimated 18 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes while another 7 million are unaware they have the disease.Kelsey-Seybold Clinic's Dr. Maher Abbara discusses diabetes as a serious health issue.
Healthy Recipes that Help Beat the Heat113511/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspx​Healthy Recipes that Help Beat the HeatRecipes for Foods to Help You Beat the Heat.Recipes for Foods to Help You Beat the Heat.
High Cholesterol Can Lead to Heart Problems113011/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxHigh Cholesterol Can Lead to Heart ProblemsBilingual in Spanish and English, Dr. Pfister is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician whose clinical interests include the treatment of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol management.It's cholesterol awareness month, and Dr. Irma Pfister, internal medicine doctor at Kelsey-Seybold's Fort Bend location has some tips to help manage your cholesterol levels.
How to Start a Fitness Program and Stick to it115011/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxHow to Start a Fitness Program and St​ick to itStrategies to help you stay on track.In Houston, you must have indoor activity options for exercise. The weather can prevent you from sticking to a program that is 100-percent outdoors.
Men Health Screenings124711/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxMen, Don’t Skip Health CheckupsIf not for yourself, do it for your family and loved ones.Men, don’t wait until you’re not feeling so fine to see your doctor. Preventive medical checks and tests help you stay healthy which is good for you, but also for your loved ones.
Menopause May Prompt Bone Density Scan116111/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxMenopause May Prom​​pt Bone Density ScanI am a 52-year-old woman, who started ​men​opause at age 48. Do I need a bone density scan?​Kelsey-Seybold Internal Medicine specialist, Irene Sobolevsky, MD, discusses bone density scans for women going through menopause.
Metabolic Syndrome Signals Serious Health Risk​102411/20/2018 10:52:19 PMhtmlFalseaspxMetabolic Syndrome Signals Serious Health Risk​It’s not uncommon to open a newspaper or watch TV and see dire warnings about how many Americans are at risk for heart disease or diabetes. Research has found that these two diseases may be linked by a cluster of five “markers” or risk factors called MetaIt’s difficult to open a newspaper or watch TV without seeing dire warnings about how many Americans are at risk for heart disease or diabetes.



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