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​​​​​Kelsey-Seybold Primary Prevention Lipid Clinic

Decreasing the Risk of Heart Disease

Many people with high cholesterol have an increased risk for contracting a heart disease. With this in mind, Kelsey-Seybold developed a program for helping patients lower their risk.

In October 2002, Kelsey-Seybold opened the Primary Prevention Lipid Clinic (PPLC). Designed to assist patients with high cholesterol who don't have known cardiovascular disease, the clinic helps patients achieve their lipid goals.

According to Kelsey-Seybold Endocrinologist Tri Lee, M.D., director of the PPLC, "Several large clinical trials on the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease showed that lipid lowering reduced the occurrence of cardiovascular disease."

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​What are Lipids?
Lipids are fats in the blood. Their primary purpose in the body is energy storage. But when lipids become elevated, they can cause heart disease or stroke by blocking arteries that supply blood to the brain. If the arteries that supply blood to the legs become blocked, amputation may be necessary.

The only way you can know that you have high lipids is by having your blood tested. Ask your doctor for a lipids test if you are at risk.

Meeting and Exceeding Clinic Goals

The primary goal is to prevent coronary and carotid artery disease, a category within which many diabetic patients fall. But the PPLC has since seen patients from a variety of medical backgrounds.

"Over the years, this clinic has become a place for patients who could not tolerate conventional cholesterol medications," Dr. Lee said, "mainly because of side effects, to look into alternative therapies."

Patients with familial or genetic forms of cholesterol disorders with extreme cholesterol levels come to the clinic to be further assessed and managed.

A Teaching and Learning Center

Staffed by an endocrinologist, a clinical pharmacist and a nutritionist, this multidisciplinary clinic serves as a site for The University of Houston School of Pharmacy residents to receive clinical experience.

The clinic is located in the Main Campus Endocrinology Department and is open Tuesday mornings. Patients can be self-referred or be referred by their primary care physicians. To make an appointment, patients can call 713-442-0337.

Kelsey-Seybold also has a Secondary Prevention Lipid Clinic, founded by Cardiology Department Chief Ali Mortazavi, M.D. in 1999, which aggressively manages unhealthy cholesterol levels in patients who have already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.


  • Eat less saturated and no hydrogenated fats.
  • Eat more vegetables and other whole grain foods high in fiber.
  • Limit your meat intake to 6 ounces daily.
  • When you use oils in cooking or in salad dressings, use Canola, olive, or peanut oils.
  • Walk or do other aerobic type exercise 30 minutes daily.
  • Ask for medications if you don't reach your lipid goals with diet and exercise.
  • If you use tobacco of any kind, join a program that will offer information and support.
  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation (1 or 2 drinks a day).


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