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​Treating Cancer Noninvasively through Radiosurgery

Beams of radiation destroy tumors and cancers.

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is an effective treatment for cancers in the brain and spinal region. It uses sophisticated technology to deliver precise and accurate beams of radiation to a tumor while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy tissue. It’s an important alternative to invasive surgery for tumors that are close to critical organs and are subject to movement in the body during radiation therapy. Radiosurgery is typically best suited for early stage cancers and small metastases.

SRS treatments are noninvasive, meaning tumors and cancers are removed without a surgeon having to cut into the body. Kelsey-Seybold doctors use the advanced technology of the Varian Edge™ radiosurgery systems to deliver a precise dose of radiation to tumors.

Radiosurgery does not require anesthesia. There is little risk of infection with radiosurgery since a surgical incision is not required. Radiosurgery uses high-energy treatment beams to help deliver the prescribed dose directly to the tumor(s) causing them to die.

Radiosurgery can be used in combination with other treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and/or immunotherapy for some types of cancers. It also can be used alone as the best course of treatment for certain tumors.

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